Mario Lemieux Net Worth, Career, Endorsements, Wife, Family, and more

Mario Lemieux Net Worth, Career, Endorsements, Wife, Family, and more

Mario Lemieux

NameMario Lemieux
Age58 years
Birth Date5 October 1965
Birth PlaceMontreal, Canada
Height1.93 m
ProfessionProfessional Ice Hockey Player
TeamPittsburg Penguins
Net Worth$210 million
Last UpdatedJanuary 2024

Mario Lemieux is a former Canadian ice hockey player who played for the Pittsburg Penguins of the National Hockey League. He participated in 17 National Hockey League Seasons and won the Men’s Ice Hockey winner in 2004. Lemieux is considered as of the ‘legends’ in the field of ice hockey because of his godly control over the puck, making risky plays pay off, and being a good decision-maker. His plays led the Pittsburgh Penguins to the top of the NHL by winning two Stanley Cups.


Mario Lemieux is the only person who can be considered to be on par with ‘the Great’ Wayne Gretzky. Often times Lemieux is nicknamed, “The Magnificient One”, “Le Magnifique”, and “Super Mario” due to his outstanding performance on the ice. Needless to say, he pocketed many awards and titles, a few of them being a gold medalist in the 2004 World Cup and 2002 Salt Lake City, Knight of the National Order of Quebec in 2009. Currently, he carries a net worth of $200 million in 2022.

Mario Lemieux Net Worth (2022)

Mario Lemieux
Mario Lemieux

Mario Lemieux has a net worth of $210 million as of 2024 from his professional plays and his endorsements, as recorded on He himself invested in various investments with big brands to engrave a name in the world for himself. After being drafted by the Pittsburg Penguins in1984, he signed a 2-year contract for $750,000 including his signing bonus, while carrying a salary of approximately $241,666 at that time. 

He further resigned a contract extension with the Penguins worth $3.5 million in 1986. And once again in 1989 he signed another extension with the team worth $10 million with a base salary of $2 million. However one of his most eminent deals with the team was $42 million, signed in 1992 for 7-years with the Penguins. All of these were from his plays and not from his endorsements or sponsorships.  


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Mario Lemieux NHL Career

Mario Lemieux
Mario Lemieux

The Pittsburg Penguins drafted Mario Lemieux in the 1984 National Hockey League Entry Draft. He soon began his magic and was selected for the NHL All-Star Game and was later named the game’s Most Valuable Player for the first time. He won the Calder Trophy Award as the best rookie due to his plays. Lemieux won the Stanley Cup twice during his 17-season career play and further won the Cup three more times after he assumed ownership of the team.

He broke several records over the course of his playing career despite missing numerous games due to his health conditions. His career got shortened during the 1991-92 season when he played only 64 games and contributed to 78-playoff points for the Penguins’ Stanley Cup finale. His career faced a huge challenge a year later when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in January 1993. He was forced to miss two playoff months due to radiation treatments. Nevertheless, he played against the Flyers in Philadelphia on the day of his final treatment. 

He scored 5-4 defeat goals but won the hearts of the audience and received a standing ovation from the stands. Mario Lemieux finally made the hard decision to quit playing in 1997. But he returned to NHL in 2000 and played against the Toronto Maple Leafs. In 43 games he scored 76 points and achieved the greatest points-per-game average in the League that season. He retired completely on January 24, 2006, because of his further health complications. 


Mario Lemieux Endorsements

Mario Lemieux
Mario Lemieux

After Mario Lemieux’s ownership of the Pittsburg Penguins, he made a loss of $47,000 profit during his first year as an owner after taking the team in for $16 million. He turned the team around and gained more than half of his total net worth through the successful plays made by the Penguins. He signed a deal with Nike at $500,000 a season in a lifetime deal.

In 2005 the Pittsburg Penguins combined a real emotional interview to honor Mario, “Mario Lemieux – The Best. Ever”, which became one of the best documentaries. In 2006 his matches were made exclusive in NHL Vintage Collections, and his play moments were featured in NHL Greatest Moments. Apart from Nike, he signed with ESPN also, and these two big names further added to his income source. It is estimated that Lemieux made around $100 million from his endorsements alone.

Mario Lemieux Wife

Mario Lemieux, his wife and his children
Mario Lemieux, his wife, and their children

Mario Lemieux married Nathalie Asselin and the couple has been together for more than 28 years. They tied the knot on 26th July 1993 and had a grad celebratory wedding at that time. Both of them were college sweethearts and they shared a length of time dating and knowing each other before coming to the final decision. 

Now Lemieux and Nathalie are the parents of 4 children. Their first kid Lauren was born in 1993, followed by Stephanie in 1995, Austin Nicolas in 1996, and Alexa in 1997. They all make up an amazing family with no signs of any marital dispute between the couple. 


Q. Why did Mario Lemieux decide to retire?

Mario Lemieux decided to retire after he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 1993.

Q. When did Mario Lemieux retire?

He retired on January 24, 2006.

Q. Which teams were Mario Lemieux part of?

After his drafting by the Pittsburg Penguins, Mario Lemieux played for them only. He signed many three notable contract extensions to remain with the team.

Q. Where does Mario Lemieux live currently?

He lives in the Pittsburgh suburb of Sewickley.


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