“Just wanted to send some love to people of Buffalo” – Mike Myers wears Sabres jersey on ‘The Late Show’

The Buffalo Sabres took to Twitter to thank Mike Myers for the kind gesture.

Mike Myers on 'The Late Show'
Mike Myers on 'The Late Show'

Former “Saturday Night Live” star Mike Myers won everyone’s hearts on social media with his love for Western New York after the city of Buffalo was devastated by a deadly shooting on Saturday. The Canadian actor marked his presence on 

Thursday night’s “The Late Show”, wearing a Buffalo Sabres jersey, and host Stephen Colbert complimented him on the “hockey shirt.”

Just wanted to send some love to the people of Buffalo,” Myers, who is from Toronto, said in a clip posted on Youtube. “They’re our neighbour to the south — I’m from Toronto, Canada… I was just thinking how much we love Buffalo and wanted to send our love to you. That’s all.”

For those who don’t know, a teenage gunman entranced by a white supremacist ideology opened fire at a supermarket in Buffalo earlier this week, methodically claiming ten innocent Black lives.

Myers shares funny story about buying beer

Mike Myers
Mike Myers

On being asked what Myers would go to Buffalo for while growing up in Toronto, the 58-year-old described a Fort Knox-like process of paperwork and approval for a “requisition chit” that sounded much more complicated than in most bars and pubs in the U.S.

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Buy beer,” Myers admitted. “It was easier to get (in Buffalo). In Canada, we had this thing called the LCBO, or the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, and you literally had to fill out a form (to buy alcohol).

You had to fill out a requisition chit, and the guy would look at you, talk in the thing, you would wait and way in the back a guy would have this with rollers come out.”

“In Buffalo, it would be just ‘Give me some beer,’” Colbert joked.

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