“How can that only be a $5,000 fine!” Ron MacLean BLASTS NHL for their response to Jacob Trouba’s DANGEROUS high-sticking incident in game against Bruins

Trouba has been fined the highest possible fine by the Player Safety department, something that seemed low to MacLean.

“How can that only be a $5,000 fine!” Ron MacLean BLASTS NHL for their response to Jacob Trouba’s DANGEROUS high-sticking incident in game against Bruins

Jacob Trouba (L) and Ron MacLean (R) [Pic Credit: AP/Sportsnet]

The fighting and drama in the NHL never fail to disappoint the fans. The sport has a lot of tense moments filled with emotions that sometimes get loose. In one such recent incident, New York Rangers captain Jacob Trouba was seen losing his close as he high-sticked Trent Frederic of the Boston Bruins. For that, he was fined $5,000 which has gone down well with Ron MacLean.

The incident took place when the Rangers took on the Bruins in their recent clash. The two NHLers were seen grabbing each other’s sleeves while trying to pull them down on the ice field.


This pushing, pulling, and grabbing saw Trouba swing his hockey at Frederic. A fight would soon erupt after the hit. The fans on social media were quick to jump on the scene and raised their voice against him. One fan urged for a thirty-game ban following his hit. MacLean has now spoken about this incident.

MacLean speaking with former NHL star Kevin Bieska said the fine laid on him was way lower, despite that being the highest the NHL player safety can impose on. The recent incident regarding the death of Adam Johnson has raised player safety concerns. Such a development from Trouba was thus seen as a poor action from the Rangers leader.

That's unbelievable, how can that only be a $5,000 fine?
Ron MacLean on the fine of Jacob Truba through The Hockey Feed

Jacob Trouba fights off with two players in the game against the Philadelphia Flyers

The name Jacob Trouba is currently trending for his actions against Trent Frederic. The action from the New York Rangers captain has also sparked controversy in the NHL. This is, however, not the first time in the past week that he has been seen fighting. In their game against the Philadelphia Flyers, the Rangers leader would fight with two players.


The defenseman got into a tangle with Niclos Deslauries and sent him crashing onto the ice. The Flyers’ man would try to get back to him immediately and try to get into a fight. Trouba was later confronted by Garnet Hathaway, who would truck him down with a huge hit.

Jacob Trouba and Nicolas Deslauries
Jacob Trouba and Nicolas Deslauries fighting (Pic Credit: NY Post)

Deslauries would once again try to fight him, but the Rangers captain had already done the damage. Surprisingly, there was no action or penalty against him in this game. Check out the fight incident shared on X below:

The question once again arises: whether Trouba deserved further punishment or not. This discussion is likely going to continue for a while as he and his league-leading side take on the Buffalo Sabres in their next encounter.


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