“Trousers are too tight”- Twitter reacts after Colorado fans have a ‘hold me bro’ moment in an NHL game

“Trousers are too tight”- Twitter reacts after Colorado fans have a ‘hold me bro’ moment in an NHL game

Colorado fans caught in a heated argument with Minnesota Wild fans.

If you enjoyed mocking the hell out of Dallas Cowboys fans on Monday, then something similar can be said for this Colorado Avalanche fan as well. It won’t be wrong to say that he might be the fakest tough guy in the history of fake tough guys, who was too afraid to actually throw hands. 

In a viral clip making the rounds on social media since Monday evening, the fan exhibits one of the top all-time “hold-me-back” performances ever, which are normally reserved for when the benches clear in an MLB game.


Here’s the full video of the incident from the latest NHL game:

For those who might be confused, we are encouraging fighting at sporting events. But actually, we are discouraging it to the core. And it’s one of the lowest points you could find in life. Having said that, this might be more embarrassing for someone who performed forty-two straight seconds of “HOLD ME BACK BRO” with zero interest in actually doing anything.

Interestingly, we are talking about the sport where the players are allowed to drop the gloves and settle differences with their fists. Surely, he was not a true hockey fan and just created ruckus in the stands. Or maybe if he had a few more tall boys on his side, he may have swung on these Minnesota Wild fans.


Twitter reactions on Colorado fans ‘hold me bro’ moment

Here are some of the tweets from this interesting incident from last night’s match:

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