Nick Nurse hopes James Harden fail as a Brooklyn Nets

Toronto Raptors' Head Coach Nick Nurse wishes for James Harden to fail at Brooklyn Nets

James Harden and Nick Nurse

The trade of James Harden to the Brooklyn Nets made real blockbusters at the headlines for days. After finally being at the Nets, James Harden proved his worth after a 30-point triple double opening with the new franchise. Brooklyn is now all equipped with the ‘Big 3’ in the league. The Nets’ fans are now intimated for the rest of the show the Nets have. The opponent franchises now have to really pull up their socks as the reunited duo will keep worrying them. Yet some really wish to see this trade as a flop!

There have been critics that are despising the franchise and the Nets. After turning a superpower in the conference. The East has now a situation of real tough path in their way. Nets have become the real favourites to the league. Nick Nurse of the Toronto Raptors has quite a contrary view as of the fans.

Nick Nurse vents his views on James Harden’s trade to Brooklyn Nets

The Canadian franchise’s head coach, Nick Nurse has been having a real tough time in the league. Toronto is 5-8 in the league and the frustration is clearly visible on the Coaches’ face. With the team down, the worried man has become more distressed with some super power teams. He termed the whole trade saga a “hell of a story” and commented, “I got to think a lot of the teams, if not all of them, are pretty happy with what it ended up.”

Nurse did not seem to mince with his word about the Nets. However, the former champion coach cleared all his feelings around the dazzling trade.

Nick Nurse lastly added, “So I guess we can all place bets on what we think is going to happen…I hope it fails for the Nets.” He also mentioned that he feels all the Big 3 teams in the East fail in the league.

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