Breaking: GOAT Roger Federer is “Back to work”

In a recent post, GOAT Roger Federer has himself declared that he is back to work. Federer is seen serving on a hard court in the picture on his Instagram handle.

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Roger Federer

Roger Federer, 20-time grand slam champion, has been away from the tour all this year. He was last seen at the Australian Open 2020 in action. However, after his loss at the Melbourne tour, he soon declared to go under the knife for a knee injury.

Tennis fans have been missing the most admired player on the court. Now, witnessing a post from Federer, his fans have already liked the post over 250k times under an hour on Instagram.

Roger Federer is back with Severin Luthi

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In the image posted by Roger Federer, we see the GOAT serving on the hard-court. With him in the picture, Federer has tagged his coach, Severin Luthi. The GOAT wrote “Back to work” on his official handle on Instagram.

Federer has the world rank of Number 4. However, after winning his quarterfinals on ATP Rolex Paris Masters, Daniil Medvedev will take Federer’s place on the charts. In 2021, Federer will be back in action as per his recent claims. Meanwhile, the GOAT has undergone two knee surgeries and is back to work as he prepares for the 2021 Australian Open.

With his recent post, Roger has officially declared that he is preparing to get back. The image is shot on a sunny day with Roger in his white tee and black shorts serving on the court.

It will serve as a reminder to his rivals that Federer is back!

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