Riley Gaines BLASTS trans rival Lia Thomas following lawsuit on overturning ban of transgender athletes

Riley Gaines has attacked Lia Thomas after the NCAA champion launched a legal lawsuit to overturn the ban by World Aquatics on transgender athletes.

Riley Gaines BLASTS trans rival Lia Thomas following lawsuit on overturning ban of transgender athletes

Riley Gaines (L) and Lia Thomas (R) [Image via Imago/CNN]

After controversial swimmer Lia Thomas filed a lawsuit seeking a overturn on the ban of transgender athletes, her rival Riley Gaines has blasted her. The former NCAA swimmer has come forward and once again attacked Thomas.


The two swimmers faced off against each other during the NCAA swimming championship. Despite the duo finishing tied, the organization would hand over the trophy to Thomas, a move that ignited fierce reaction from Gaines. Since then she has been actively seeking a ban on transgender athletes from women’ sports.

Thomas, the NCAA champion now wants to participate in the Paris Olympics and is thus seeking to overturn the ban laid out by World Aquatics. As per reports, the 24-year-old trans athlete is taking assistance from Carlos Sayao with her case in the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland.

Sayao earlier represented Caster Semenya, another trans athlete who fought against the World Athletics. The sporting body had enforced regulations that required her to lessen her natural hormone.


If her bid is successful, Thomas could be back in the competitive circle and participate in the Paris Games later this year. However, the World Aquatics have already updated their policy regarding the participation of trans athletes.

Lia Thomas’ journey has seen a lot of ups and down. The trans athlete initially participated as a male named Will Thomas. The swimmer would later undergo hormonal changes and transform into a female athlete.

Ever since competing as a female, Thomas has dominated the women’s category and claim several accolades. This has led to Riley Gaines go on a revolution and start working as an activist and try and bring in laws to ban transgender athletes from women sports. Needless to say, she was not happy with this latest development from Thomas who filed a legal lawsuit to overturn the ban.

Lia Thomas and Riley Gaines
Lia Thomas (L) and Riley Gaines (R) [Image via CNN/Imago]

Responding to a video shared by Clay Travis where he speaks about how Thomas has taken a legal battle to try and compete in the Olympics, Gaines slammed her.

The only people who sue to be recognized as women are men
Riley Gaines on Lia Thomas on X.

This is however, not the first time when Gaines spoke about Thomas taking a legal action. She would post a simple tweet and informed her followers that the former NCAA swimmer was planning to take legal action to claim a spot on the Olympics team.

Only time will now tell how this situation unfolds and whether Thomas’s plea will be successful or not. This topic though is likely going to be the talking point in the upcoming days.

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