“I tried to refrain from looking,” Riley Gaines’ jaw-dropping confession about Lia Thomas’ striking physique ignites heated sports debate

Riley Gaines' candid words about Lia Thomas' physique ignite a debate on fairness in women's sports.

“I tried to refrain from looking,” Riley Gaines’ jaw-dropping confession about Lia Thomas’ striking physique ignites heated sports debate

Riley Gaines and Lia Thomas ( Image via Daily Mail/E! Online )

Lia Thomas has created a stir in the swimming community that is difficult to ignore. Her swimming prowess is matched by her distinctive qualities, which command everyone’s attention. Riley Gaines, another swimmer who couldn’t help but notice Lia’s unique body, said that not everyone is happy with the attention Lia has received.


The swimmer who used the same locker room as Thomas, Riley Gaines, was open about her feelings. She gave a description of Lia’s size that made others stare. Gaines said on a podcast that Lia’s height resembled a “6-foot-4 male.” 

Gaines felt uneasy after reading this explanation since it gave such a clear image. She acknowledged doing her best to avoid taking unnecessary glances at Thomas’ attractive presence. “I tried to refrain from looking,” Gaines’s unsettling language sparked debates over whether it is fair to let biological males participate in women’s sports.

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Candid words of Riley Gaines, Lia Thomas’s victories and arguments

Riley Gaines, Lia Thomas.
Riley Gaines, Lia Thomas(Image via marca)

Gaines is outspoken about her position on the issue. She is certain that because of their physical advantages, allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports is fundamentally unfair.

After lecturing on the subject, she had violent altercations with trans-rights demonstrators, demonstrating the depth of her discomfort. It’s a complicated topic where opposing ideologies and sentiments collide in sports.

Thomas is used to being in the spotlight. Her excellent swimming career at the University of Pennsylvania, punctuated by many victories and trophies, speaks for itself. She has come to represent transgender athletes, demonstrating their talent and establishing their legitimacy in competitive settings. However, Gaines, in particular, does not share that opinion.

Gaines is steadfast in her opinion that trans women, like Thomas, should not compete in women’s sports since they are still a subset of men. Moreover, her worries go beyond the pool and include evolving social ideas of masculinity.


Riley Gaines’ blunt remarks and discomfort bring to light the nuanced nature of this continuing discussion. The International Swimming Federation develops strategies to traverse these unknown waters. At the same time, the rest of the world waits in anticipation to see how this controversy’s repercussions will affect the development of competitive sports.

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