Gymnast Simone Biles enjoys “packer wonderland” kiss with husband Jonathan Owens as sporting couple celebrate first winter snow after marriage

The lovely bond between Simone Biles and her NFL husband Jonathan Owens has taken centre stage during both the off-season and the current NFL season.

Gymnast Simone Biles enjoys “packer wonderland” kiss with husband Jonathan Owens as sporting couple celebrate first winter snow after marriage

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens [Image Credit- X]

In the snowy Green Bay area, Simone Biles and her husband, Jonathan Owens, enjoyed the snow as the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Green Bay Packers. A heartwarming story of the sporting couple in this snow was shared on social media. Even though she’s from Texas and not used to the cold, the four-time Olympic gold medalist seemed happy in the picture. She seems to be enjoying the wintry scenery near Lambeau Field.

Biles, hailing from Texas, radiates infectious excitement for Green Bay’s snowy backdrop while alongside Owens, a stalwart in the Packer’s defense. In a happy picture, Biles calls the scene a “Packer wonderland” on her social media. This showed her unlimited love towards Owens and enjoyment of cold snowy weather even though she is from the South.


Her unwavering encouragement of her husband throughout the NFL season has gained attention. Her attendance at games, including the Packers-Lions face-off where Owens’s touchdown sparked her online jubilation, has infused the NFL with an additional buzz. Biles’s presence, along with Taylor Swift at Chiefs games, has magnified the focus on the NFL, intermingling the spheres of sport, high-profile relationships, and fandom.

The open support Biles and Swift extend to their partners and associated teams underlines their dedication to their bond and the sway that such influential couples hold in the sporting realm. Their engagement makes people talk about the importance of their relationship and how they influence others as public figures. It shows the connection between professional sports and popular culture.

Simone Biles has been a constant support for her husband Jonathan Owens

Celebrities coming to sports games make the games feel more personal and bring fans together. It also makes professional sports feel more like regular entertainment. While Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce garner considerable attention, they do not stand alone as celebrities intertwined with the NFL. Star gymnast Simone Biles is unmistakably a fervent and active champion for her husband, Jonathan Owens, of the Packers.

Simone Biles and Simone Biles sharing a kiss during the Cheifs-Packers game [Pic Credit: Cosmopolitan]

In Simone Biles’s off-season and amidst the ongoing NFL series, her formidable union with her NFL spouse, Jonathan Owens, steals the spotlight. The duo regularly displays their mutual devotion. Biles has appeared at numerous Green Bay matches, ever-present to root for her husband, her support unwavering this time around as well.

As Owens’s fortunate talisman, Biles once again graced the stadium, her cheers and well-wishes propelling the team to victory. Meanwhile, the GOAT’s latest social media dispatch has stirred tremendous excitement among enthusiasts. Owens and Biles initiated their romantic partnership in 2020 and formalized their union through marriage in April of the current year.

Owens currently finds himself in his role as a safety for the Packers. Biles, on the other hand, possesses an unparalleled reputation in gymnastics, having secured a total of seven Olympic medals, including four golds. She is known throughout the world for always making the competition tougher. The gymnast is now hoping to continue doing it while preparing herself for the upcoming Paris Olympics in 2024, with the support of her spouse.


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