GOAT Simone Biles participates in US World Selection process while reigning Olympic champion Suni Lee opts out due to health concerns

GOAT Simone Biles participates in US World Selection process while reigning Olympic champion Suni Lee opts out due to health concerns

Simone Biles and Suni Lee in a file photo[Credit-Imago]

The upcoming World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Antwerp and the Pan American Games in Santiago are two major events that Simone Biles is vying to qualify for, as she prepares to compete in Katy, Texas on September 19 and 20. However, the current Olympic champion Sunisa Lee has decided not to participate in the competition because she is suffering from a kidney illness.

Biles boasts a remarkable track record in gymnastics, claiming multiple awards as an exceptional athlete in the United States. Having faced mental health challenges that led to their withdrawal from the Tokyo 2020 Games, the highly accomplished athlete at the Rio 2016 Games has expressed their eagerness to participate in the Paris 2024 Games.


Biles has the intentions to compete in Antwerp, hoping to clinch her sixth all-around world title, should she be chosen for the world championships. First, she won in the city of Belgium in 2013. In 2014, she emerged victorious in Nanning, China. The following year, she claimed the title in Glasgow, UK.

In 2018, she triumphed in Doha, and in 2019, she achieved success in Stuttgart, Germany. Across individual and team events, Biles’ impressive medal collection boasts 19 gold, 3 silver, and 3 bronze medals. Sunisa Lee explained that she has been facing kidney complications since March of the previous year and that the medication she must take poses challenges for her training for a global championship.

This doesn’t mean she can’t participate in the Games, which will happen next year. As a result of numerous medical appointments and reliance on medication, Lee admitted that their gym attendance has been irregular, leading to a daily alteration of their workout routine.


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Simone Biles ready to rule gymnastic world after 2-year break

Simone Biles in a file photo[Credit-NBC]
Simone Biles [Pic Credit-NBC]

Since Simone Biles’ debut after a 2-year break, the gymnastics legend has stunned the world. Her last appearance on stage was the 2020 Tokyo Olympics where she became a victim of twisties amid competitive air. She’ll arrive in the U.S. World Championships selection next week, and fans are excited to see what she can bring to the table next.

Apart from Biles, there will be 18 other gymnasts participating in the Katy tournament, including Jade Carey and Jordan Chiles, who have both won Olympic medals. The U.S. selection event will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday (i.e. 19-20 September). The gymnast with the highest score on day one will ensure their position on the U.S. team.


The selection event includes not only Simone Biles but also Olympic floor champion Jade Carey and team silver medallist Jordan Chiles. Skye Blakely, Shilese Jones, and Leanne Wong, who emerged victorious in the 2022 World Team competition, are also expected to participate.

The United States women’s team has already guaranteed a place in the Games. However, the country’s most skilled gymnasts  Biles, will have to compete in the coming months to guarantee a place on the national team.

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