“Always wondering if she has her ‘junk’,” Fox host Greg Gutfield comments on Lia Thomas’ genitals in a transphobic rant on-air

Fox news commentator goes on a transphobic rant on Lia Thomas

“Always wondering if she has her ‘junk’,” Fox host Greg Gutfield comments on Lia Thomas’ genitals in a transphobic rant on-air

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Fox Sports’ commentator Greg Gutfield is very much against the idea of transgender athletes participating in professional athletic tournaments. In one of his recent conversations on the Wednesday edition of The Five, Gutfield and his co-hosts go on a transphobic inquiry and rant about college athlete swimmer Lia Thomas’ genitals.

Lia Thomas is a transgender swimmer from the University of Pennsylvania who used to participate in NCAA events and is a common antagonist in most Fox stories. Thomas had set school records as a senior at UPenn. Although she is backed by several other athletes which was evident from an open letter, the conservative faction of the country is not in favor of her parting in female competitions.


Speaking at the show, Gutfield says, “Biology…is common sense and the only way to get around common sense is to create mass delusion backed up by the fear of being called a bigot if you see through it.”

Supporting the Vermont Christina girls’ high school’s decision to refuse to play with rosters including transgender athletes, Gutfield wanted to make an inquiry wondering whether Lia Thomas still has her “junk”.

Lia Thomas in the midst of heated transphobic debates by Fox Sports commentators

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Transgender athletes have been denied the right to participate in female athletic events due to inherent transphobia and the dilemma of being better than athletes assigned female at birth (AFAB). The athlete who had to face the majority of slack from this whole contention is former NCAA athlete and University of Pennsylvania student Lia Thomas.


The conservative faction of the United States has been vehemently against the presence of transgender athletes in any sport. In fact, they only confine to the idea of two genders without considering the choices and preferences of several individuals.

In a transphobic rant on gender-affirming surgery, Gutfield says, “Of all of these athletes, and all of these celebrities and all of these activists, how many of them have actually undergone—right?”

“And you can say, ‘That is none of your business.’ It is my business because you’ve made it our business!” he exclaims further. “You have entered these arenas and we have no choice. If you have kids playing, you want to know in the locker room, does that person have the external genitalia, or is it gone?”


Currently, ten US states, including Florida and Texas, have banned trans athletes from competing in female sports at schools. This means that students from these states must participate in categories only meant for their genders assigned at birth.

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