“It seems to be revolving around making people stop talking SH*T on Tua”: Pat McAfee applauds Tyreek Hill’s efforts to defend his quarterback

Pat McAfee reacts to Tyreek Hill's comments claiming Tua Tagovailoa is a more accurate passer than Patrick Mahomes

Tyreek Hill and Tua Tagovailoa
Tyreek Hill and Tua Tagovailoa

Tyreek Hill seems to be in the news a lot lately, not for his insane god-gifted speed or for his new hairstyle but for the comments that he has been making. Hill was always the player who was known to mock his opponents by trash-talking them on the field and flashing signs at them, as we saw in the matchup against Tampa Bay in the 2021 season, the wideout threw out a peace sign at one of the safeties after beating him to the endzone and scoring a TD. Though all of these are acceptable and make the game more entertaining what Hill has been doing lately is just causing a lot of drama.

The receiver seems to have had an awakening as he is suddenly taking shots at his former team, the Kansas City Chiefs. In his latest statements, he indirectly said Mahomes is not an accurate passer and that though he is talented he would pick his current QB, Tua Tagovailoa over any of the past ones.

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“I want it to hit me right in the breadbasket”: Tyreek Hill would take accuracy over deep throws any day of the year

Tyreek Hill and Tua Tagovailoa
Tua Tagovailoa has more pressure on him than ever with Tyreek Hill putting him on a pedestal

Recently, on his podcast, the It needed to be said podcast, Hill said the following, “As far as accuracy wise, I’m going with Tua all day,” when asked about whether he prefers deep throws down the field like he was accustomed to doing in Kansas City with Patrick Mahomes or if he prefers to get the ball thrown directly to him, he responded by stating, “I want it to hit me right in the breadbasket, just like I did in the Buffalo Bills game and take it 70, and the rest is history.”

This comment by Hill attracted a lot of criticism from all quarters, Stephen A Smith asked him to ‘Stay off the weed’ and other analysts critiqued him by stating that he has not even played a preseason game with Tua and is putting him on a pedestal already. Pat McAfee, however, was impressed with the manner Tyreek spoke of his quarterback.

“I appreciate the fact that it all seems to be revolving around putting over Tua, and making people stop talking shit on Tua, which is what exactly a wide receiver is gonna do for his quarterback.” McAfee praised him for standing by Tua and having his back as many were critical of Hill’s offseason moves. Choosing Tua over Patrick Mahomes is like choosing Russell Wilson over Tom Brady, both of them have potential but only one of them is an anomaly.

What are your thoughts on Tyreek Hill’s recent comments? Is he going a bit too far in showing his support for the QB?

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