Patrick Beverley will face ‘SEVERE punishment’ for throwing ball at female fan and disrespecting veteran reporter, says Stephen A Smith

Stephen A. Smith ripped Milwaukee Bucks guard Patrick Beverley's behavior with veteran reporter Malinda Adams.

Patrick Beverley will face ‘SEVERE punishment’ for throwing ball at female fan and disrespecting veteran reporter, says Stephen A Smith

Patrick Beverely

Stephen A. Smith roasted Milwaukee Bucks veteran point guard Patrick Beverley on ESPN First Take. Beverley’s attitude post-game with ESPN reporter Malinda Adams after the Bucks’ season-ending 120-98 loss at the hands of the Indiana Pacers became controversial. The action provoked Smith to make a statement about what might happen to Pat Bev. 

Stephen A. Smith asserted that a fine, albeit a big one, could come for Patrick Beverley. The refusal to talk to Adams for not subscribing to his podcast did not sit well with Smith. The First Take analyst branded the act inexcusable and indefensible for both his actions on the court and in the locker room with the reporter

I can't believe he did that. I just can't believe he did that. I've known Patrick Beverley for years. I love the brother. It's inexcusable. It's indefensible… And then to go into the locker room thereafter and to address a female reporter. I'm quite sure there are male reporters in the locker room who don't necessarily subscribe to Pat Beverley's podcast… the punishment is forthcoming and I suspect a severe one.
Stephen A Smith via First Take

Beverley reportedly called the reporter from ESPN to apologize on Friday morning. Nevertheless, only time will tell what actions might be meted upon him by the league. It’s safe to say Beverley took his passion a little bit too far this time. 

According to SAS, Beverley should have controlled himself and not let his emotions or passion get in the way of work. The frustration about the season-ending might have played a part. Nevertheless, these actions usually get some form of punishment from the NBA, and expect something similar for Beverley.

Patrick Beverley opens up on the incident during and after the Indiana Pacers game 

Pat Bev has had time to think about his actions from the Bucks’ season-ending game 6. He has opened up about it after coming to terms with how sour a taste it left. Beverley said he would be better after he threw the ball twice at an Indiana Pacers fan. 

He initially addressed the issue on social media, but at that time, he defended his actions. However, he has “come to his senses” with his recent post on social media. 

I have to be better. And I will.
Patrick Beverley via X

It’s fair that Beverley has realized the consequences of his actions as it was unbecoming of a professional, not minding a pro with the number of experience under his belt. However, the league authorities still have to deliberate on the matter, and hopefully, it’s not as severe as Stephen A. Smith predicts. 

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