Penske President Tim Cindric cautions NASCAR of more ‘teething issues,’ with Next-Gen car

Find out what Tim cindirc had to say about potential problems with the Next-Gen nascar teething out in the future

Tim Cindric
Tim Cindric

The Wise Power 400 which takes place in Fontana Auto Club Speedway will be the first real test for NextGen NASCAR as teams will get the feel of how the Next-Gen NASCAR will perform in normal NASCAR tracks.

Teams were struggling during practice and qualifying sessions in the 2-mile track as multiple cars crashed out of the qualifying or spun in the track. Veteran Brad Keselowski confirmed that the Next-Gen cars are hard to control in these tracks which turned out to be true in qualifying.

Tim Cindric, who is the president of Penske Racing and father of 2022 Daytona 500 winner Austin Cindric has come out expressing his concerns over issues that may come forth once the new generation cars hit the regular cup series tracks such as Fontana.

Find out what Tim Cindric said

Tim Cindric
Austin Cindric and Tim Cindric

Tim Cindric in an IndyCar event in St. Petersburg expressed his concern to the press about some teething issues Next-Gen NASCAR bring forth. He went on to say that there are potentially a lot of issues with Next-Gen car that is to come out, which he hopes wouldn’t happen, as the teams weren’t able to get much understanding from the LA Clash or Daytona 500 due to the vast difference, they have with rest of the race tracks in Cup Schedule.

“I think there are still quite a few teething issues in this process. OK, there’s the supply chain issues, but the whole world is used to that. I think the racing people are just relating to the outside world now in different ways than they have before,” Tim cindric said.

“I think there’s still a lot to be learned there, I think some of these teething issues haven’t raised their head yet – I hope I’m wrong – but you have to prepare for that. These two races have been such anomalies, nothing like what we’ll see in California or Vegas or COTA. So many things are quite a bit different to what we’ve seen until now,” Tim Cindric added.

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