Senior VP Loren Mack playing a key part in PFL’s rise to the top

Professional Fighter's League (PFL) has quickly become the second-biggest MMA organization in the world. The masterminds behind it sure deserve a ton of credit.

Senior VP Loren Mack playing a key part in PFL’s rise to the top

Loren Mack, Senior Vice President at Professional Fighter's League (PFL)

In just a little over five years, the Professional Fighters League (PFL) has experienced continuous growth and has undoubtedly become the number-2 mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion in the world.


While a large chunk of the PFL’s steady success can be attributed to the league’s one-of-a-kind sports season-style format and deep roster of fighters featuring some of the biggest names in the world of combat sports, a significant factor in the league’s progress is due to the people that remain mainly behind the scenes and in the front offices.

While chairman and co-founder Donn Davis and CEO Peter Murray have done a masterful job in steering the company to the top of the MMA industry, there are also unsung heroes who have played important roles in making sure that the PFL continues to trek upwards. One of those individuals is Loren Mack, the PFL’s Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications.

Mack joined the league in 2020, and since arriving, he has helped elevate the PFL brand in the United States and all over the globe. He arrived armed with a wealth of experience in the sports and public relations spaces, and he has used his expertise to help turn the PFL into one of the leaders in the industry.


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VP Loren Mack on PFL’s star-studded buildout

“What makes us different from the rest of the industry remains the same, it’s our true sportsstyle season format as well as being able to bring in some of the best fighters, not just in MMA, but in combat sports as well,” Mack explained. “We’ve brought in stars like Jake Paul, Francis Ngannou, Aspen Ladd, Shane Burgos, Amanda Serrano, Savannah Marshall, and we even resigned Claressa Shields.”

Loren Mack PFL
Loren Mack has been an integral part of the PFL team

Currently, the PFL is seen in over 160 countries worldwide through the biggest broadcast partners. Aside from the massive global distribution, the league also has a solid social media presence, which allows for exclusive content and continuous growth in terms of reach.

“When you have some of the best fighters in the world competing for the biggest prize in MMA, there will always be an opportunity for content, and that has been a huge factor in the growth of the PFL, not just as a brand, but as an organization as well,” Mack implies.


PFL will also take its talents to Europe, Asia, and Africa

In the last few years, the PFL has enjoyed exponential growth in terms of global reach, and this year, the league branched out into Europe with the inaugural season of PFL Europe, which features 32 of the region’s best fighters, all competing to be the inaugural PFL Europe champion.

In the future, the league is also planning similar executions for the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. “PFL Europe is a massive success, so we’re excited to keep that going. We’re also looking forward to bringing the PFL to other massive MMA markets like the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.”

In just a few weeks, the 2023 PFL World Championship will take place on Friday, November 24th at The Anthem in Washington D.C. Six world champions will be crowned, with each of them taking home a million-dollar purse. It will mark the conclusion of yet another amazing PFL season.

Indeed, the PFL has risen to the top of the MMA industry, and it’s thanks to the league’s format, world-class roster of fighters, and amazing collection of talent on their executive team.


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