Preliminary negotiations for contract extension between the 37-year-old star and WWE considered “positive”: Reports

Dijak recently lost his first match on the main roster after two years against Pete Dunne.

Preliminary negotiations for contract extension between the 37-year-old star and WWE considered “positive”: Reports

Raw (via WWE)

Another luminary has joined the ranks of those whose contracts are poised to expire soon, and that name is Dijak. Recently, superstars like Becky Lynch, Chad Gable, and Natalya‘s contracts also expired, and the probability of them signing with the company still hangs in the balance. Now, according to reports, initial negotiations have already commenced between the Raw star and WWE.

According to Fightful Select, Dijak‘s contract is set to expire at the end of this month. He made his comeback on Raw after two years during the recently concluded 2024 WWE Draft. Although there haven’t been any offers made to him to renew his contract, steps in a positive direction have already been taken.

Despite completely rejuvenating his career on NXT, the 37-year-old star hasn’t yet managed to win a singles title. After constantly delivering classic matches with the likes of Ilja Dragunov and Oba Femi, Dijak finally wrestled on the main roster after two years. He went one-on-one with Pete Dunne and looked in great shape, but unfortunately suffered a loss on his return. As of now, Dijak is capturing more attention with his antics on social media.

Since returning to the main roster, he hasn’t done much to wow the audience. However, the next few months could be beneficial, with Money in the Bank just around the corner. A win in the ladder match could serve as a great launchpad for his career, propelling him forward, as it would provide him with the opportunity to challenge any champion at any time.

Dijak gave a hilarious reply to Dakota Kai who trolled him for ratioing people on social media

In addition to delivering outstanding matches, Dijak is known for ratioing others on social media. When a fan notified Dakota Kai about it, she mocked him by suggesting that it wasn’t 2019 anymore, implying that the trend of ratioing had become outdated. Responding to that, the 37-year-old Superstar gave a hilarious reply that left fans in stitches.

Dakota Kai and Dijak
Dakota Kai and Dijak (via Wrestling Headlines and WWE)

The self-proclaimed King of Ratios took to X and was about to give her a fitting reply, but stopped. He realized the outrage he would have received if he had joked about a female superstar and refrained from saying anything. Dijak didn’t completely forgive the Damage CTRL member, though, as he instructed his friends Mansoor and Mason Madden to handle things.

I’ve got about 900 comebacks for this but I learned a long time not to ever joke about a female wrestler unless I want WW3 in my notifications and half of twitter saying hashtag fire Dijak. That being said I’ll just tag suavemansoor and GREATBLACKOTAKU and they’ll handle it.
Dijak to Dakota Kai on X

In an interesting turn of events, Kai ended up ratioing Dijak instead, garnering a lot of attention from fans. She recently suffered a loss against Lyra Valkyria in the first round of the Queen of the Ring tournament. The Damage CTRL member has been impressive both on the mic and in the ring since her return.

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