“Rafa is an impeccable professional” : Coach Carlos Moya

The man behind Nadal since December 2016, Coach Carlos Moya wishes he were as respectable towards the one around like his mentee, Rafa Nadal is to his team.

Rafael Nadal and Coach Carlos Moya

The coach of Rafael Nadal, Carlos Moya has been on the World No.2’s entourage since December 2016. Moya believes that Nadal is extremely humble with the team that is trying to improve him on the court.

Rafa is said to be really understanding and someone who listens to his team with an open mind. The Spaniard does not let his success come in the way of how he carries himself as a human.

“In that sense, Rafa is an impeccable professional and trusts a lot in what we tell him within his work team,” Moya said. “Then he will be the one to make the decisions, but it is something to value because not all players do it. Especially because we are not up to everything he has achieved during his career,” he added.

Coach Moya believes it’s this simplicity that sets Nadal apart from everyone as he listens and works with the team with a mind that is open to suggestions, in order to get better.

“We are talking about one of the best players in all of history and if Rafa’s ego were big he wouldn’t listen to us like he does every day. That shows his humility,” he added.

“I was already a bit of a coach and tried to make my own decisions”: Coach Carlos Moya

Rafael Nadal and his coaching team

Moya had won the 1998 French Open which is his only Grand Slam title. Having reached a career-high ranking of No.1 in 1999 once, Moya believes that he would have had more glory to his name, had he been listening to experienced people around him, similar to the 20 time Grand Slam champion and his mentee, Rafael Nadal.

“In those days I do think I was already a bit of a coach and always tried to make my own decisions,” Moya said. “I always had my work team, of course, but I liked being quite autonomous. Maybe I would tell the player Carlos to listen more to those around him,” he added.

34-year-old Nadal will be competing at the 2021 Australian Open and clench it for the second time, which will make the Spaniard the only male player in the Open Era to win all four Grand Slams at least twice in their career.

Moya will be by Rafa’s side on the tour next year starting in Melbourne where he and Roger Federer will be in the quest of their 21st Grand Slam in the race for most Slams in men’s tennis history.

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