“It will be very hard,” Rafael Nadal pushing hard to play at 2024 Roland Garros but wants to do it on his terms

The Spaniard is unsure about his level and if he will be able to compete at 100%.

“It will be very hard,” Rafael Nadal pushing hard to play at 2024 Roland Garros but wants to do it on his terms

Rafael Nadal in press conference (Image via Imago)

Tennis legend Rafael Nadal wants to stay competitive on the tour, but his body is not allowing him. The 37-year-old has been struggling with injuries lately and his aim to play at the 2024 Roland Garros hangs in the balance currently. While Nadal is eager to play at the Grand Slam tournament, he admitted things are not that simple.

The 14-time French Open champion says he is trying hard to be fit for the tournament but also emphasized that if he plays, he wants to stay competitive. Nadal feels that he does not want to play like how he performed at the other tournaments on clay this season.

The Spaniard wants to fight for the title and if that does not look like happening, he will not go ahead. Nadal admitted that if he misses out on the 2024 Roland Garros, it will feel bad but it will feel worse if he plays without being at his 100% and is unable to stay competitive.

If I can't play at Roland Garros, it will be very hard, that's for sure. But personally, with all the emotions I experienced there, I think it would be even harder for me to play without being competitive. I don't want to feel at Roland Garros like I felt in Madrid or Barcelona, ​​without being able to really fight.
Rafael Nadal said in an interview to franceinfo.

Rafael Nadal explains what is being competitive means to him

Rafael Nadal further talked about being competitive and what it means to him. The Spaniard said that he wants to go into a tournament feeling that he can be at his 100% and if that does not happen; it does not make sense to play in that tournament.

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal (Image via Imago)

Nadal said that he does not like to go into a tournament knowing that he has no options. The Spaniard said that he would prefer losing while competing at 100% rather than accepting defeat beforehand and continuing to play despite not being in the best shape.

I don't know if that's what being competitive is. I think it's going to play the tournament thinking that I can be at my maximum, 100%. And if 100% is not enough even to win a single match, we will have to accept it. But I don't want to walk onto the court knowing I have no options. If there is a slight possibility of winning, I want to try it, I want to try. But if there's really no chance, no, I'd rather stick with other memories.
Rafael Nadal explained

Notably, Nadal has been able to compete in three tournaments back-to-back in the clay season. He played at the Barcelona Open, the Madrid Open, and the Rome Masters. However, the Spaniard could not play to his level which is renowned for.

He did exceedingly well in Madrid to reach the fourth round but lost to Jiri Lehecka. Now, it is to be seen if Nadal will go to the French Open or if he will keep the plan on hold considering the Paris Olympics is also in the pipeline.

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