“It’s LeBron and them throwing me the ball!” Rapper DaBaby once got kicked out of Charlotte Hornets game for shooting from courtside

Shaq did not appreciate the Hornets management for not recognizing DaBaby.

“It’s LeBron and them throwing me the ball!” Rapper DaBaby once got kicked out of Charlotte Hornets game for shooting from courtside


Famous rap artist DaBaby is one of the best rappers in the States. Not only that, but the rapper is also fond of basketball, attending NBA games every now and then. DaBaby even helped tip off the 2020-21 season with his song with Dua Lipa, Levitating. Being a celebrity, players in the league often share a moment of respect with the rapper whenever he’s in attendance.

However, there was a time when DaBaby almost got kicked out of an NBA game. While players are well-familiar with rappers, the courtside security is not. In the recent episode of Shaquille O’Neal‘s podcast, DaBaby talked about the time he wasn’t allowed on the court while attending a Hornets game.

I had eight tickets, eight courtside seats I paid good money for, six figures a month for these seats... Players come, they see me, they recognize me, they roll the ball over to me, 'Shoot man, shoot'. I get the ball, I try to come out, they try to come tackle me, bro... 'You shoot that you gotta leave'... They throw it again, 'Man don't worry about them shoot the ball'. I shoot, they come over there, 'You going to have to leave.'... They did not (kick me out), they were going to. The players was telling them, like it's Lebron and them throwing me the ball.
DaBaby said on The BIG Podcast with Shaq

Not recognizing a famous celebrity or artist is not new for security. While they are just trying to do their jobs, it takes some convincing from the players to let the well-known personalities engage with the athletes. However, the Atlanta Hawks treat artists and celebrities the opposite way.

DaBaby and Shaquille O’Neal advise the Hornets to fire someone from the marketing team

Looking at how the management treated DaBaby when he attended an NBA game, O’Neal had strong words for the Hornets’ marketing team. DaBaby is one of the top artists in the US and has various hit songs released that have gone viral. Shaq had a bold response to the Hornets.

Charlotte Hornet marketing department, somebody need to be fired... Like it doesn't make sense, somebody need to be fired.
Shaquille O’Neal said

Not only that, but the two praised the Atlanta Hawks for treating artists with respect. The main reason behind the same is the franchise recognizing viral artists, internet celebrities, and others, as the two discussed.

Hopefully, the Spectrum Center can try and look to understand the culture between basketball players and artists. DaBaby did not have anything negative towards the team as he still roots for Hornets, while also being a big fan of their jerseys.

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