Days after getting arrested, Rashee Rice is being sued for $1 million by the two victims of the ‘brutal’ Dallas car crash

Rashee Rice was the leaseholder of both the vehicles.

Days after getting arrested, Rashee Rice is being sued for $1 million by the two victims of the ‘brutal’ Dallas car crash

Rashee Rice (via Imago)

Rashee Rice, the Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver is in deep trouble. The WR has been one of the main accused in the Dallas car accident and has now been legally sued by the two victims.

According to Jesse Newell of the Kansas City Star, Rashee Rice and Teddy Knox have been asked $10 million ($1 million in damages and $10 million in punitive damages) as a result of the accident. Both were accused of their cars going beyond the speed limit which caused brain trauma to the victims Irina Gromova and Edvard Petrovskiy. In addition, the victims suffered face lacerations, multiple contusions in their bodies, disfigurement, internal bleeding, and other internal and external injuries.

The accusations against the two players are serious. In addition to being sued, costs of medical prevention and care in the future, loss of earnings, and potential harm to their safety and welfare have also been raised.

Rashee Rice earlier took all the responsibility for the accident that he caused. Via an Instagram post, he took the responsibility. Since things have taken a legal turn, the wide receiver might witness a difficult time in the coming period. His career might even be halted if he is proven guilty.

Andy Reid opened up about Rashee Rice’s future

It is safe to The Kansas City Chiefs have extended their support to the WR. Head coach Andy Reid claimed the WR necessary for the off-season practice of the Chiefs. Last season, Rashee Rice was the only wide receiver who shined amid the collective failures of the other receivers.

I want to keep gathering the information from the law enforcement people. We'll just see where everything goes from there [and] let the process take place. 
Andy Reid said addressing the reporters
"Career might be done!" - Arrest warrant issued for Chiefs WR Rashee Rice for involvement in Dallas car crash as authorities give him one day to turn in, fans react
Arrest warrant issued against Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice (Image via IMAGO)

However, Teddy Knox did not have the luck of the Chiefs wide receiver. Following the incident, SMU decided to suspend their player. It is to be seen when the suspicion gets evoked.

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