“You’re playing 5 vs 8!” Reggie Miller takes shot at Knicks getting favored by referees in Madison Square Garden

Officiating has been a problem in the New York Knicks and Indiana Pacers playoff series.

“You’re playing 5 vs 8!” Reggie Miller takes shot at Knicks getting favored by referees in Madison Square Garden

Reggie Miller calls out referees after suggesting one plays the New York Knicks and the officials at the Madison Square Garden

Since retiring, Reggie Miller has taken to commenting on games live at arenas as part of the TNT crew. That has helped him build a keen eye for details that come out of games. One such detail came to his attention in the 1st games of the 2nd round of the playoffs. Based on that he claimed that referees favor the New York Knicks when playing at the Madison Square Garden.


While speaking with the Inside the NBA crew, the Hall of Famer was asked what he feels the Pacers need to do to win tonight’s game 2.

You're playing 5 against 8. It was kinda like that in game 1. A lot of calls didn't go their way. You're playing the officials as well. You gotta look past that, and you've gotta go out and you've gotta take the ball game. If you want to win in the mecca, in the Garden, you have to go take it. You can't wait for something to come to you, you gotta go take it.
Reggie Miller on Inside the NBA

Miller pointed out a couple of instances when calls went against his Indiana Pacers. However, he believes that is what teams will have to play against when they are in Madison Square Garden.

The officiating was suspect in game 1. Something that not only Miller, but other analysts have also talked about. However, having played at Madison Square Garden numerous times, Miller knows that playing against the New York Knicks in that atmosphere can lead to unfavorable situations.

It seems that Reggie Miller was right after all. In today’s game, the New York Knicks defeated the Indiana Pacers. Indiana Pacers head coach Rick Carlisle’s ejection after receiving two straight technical fouls was the game’s highlight.


Reggie Miller’s officiating bias claim came true as Pacers head coach Rick Carlisle calls out referees

Head coach Rick Carlisle spoke about the officiating problems in tonight’s game 2 during the post-match press conference:

After game 1 it felt like the whistles weren't balanced. There were 29 plays in game 1 that we thought were clearly called the wrong way. We deserve a fair shot. There's not a consistent balance and that's disappointing. Their physicality is rewarded and ours is penalized, time after time. I'm just really disappointed.
Rick Carlisle during the post-match press conference

Carlisle pointed out a couple of clear instances when officials did not call a foul on the New York Knicks. He was asking for a balanced officiating which has clearly not been the case so far.

The championship-winning head coach did say that even though there were officiating issues in game 1, he did not send the league the clips. However, the way the officiating took place today, he would be sending those clips to the NBA, seeking clarification. It seems officiating has taken center stage in the playoffs compared to basketball.

Now with the games moving to Gainbridge Fieldhouse, it will be interesting to see how the Indiana Pacers handle the next 2 home playoff games. They have a chance to win both and tie the series before it moves back to New York.

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