‘Retired’ Jason Kelce bags a massive ‘Monday Night Countdown’ pregame show gig with ESPN

Only a couple of months after his retirement, Jason Kelce is ready to return and start talking about football.

‘Retired’ Jason Kelce bags a massive ‘Monday Night Countdown’ pregame show gig with ESPN

Jason Kelce (Image via IMAGO)

Jason Kelce may have retired from the gridiron, but he is not leaving football just yet. Fans of the former Philadelphia Eagles center will find him in a new avatar when the new season rolls into town.

Kelce had been contemplating hanging up his boots for a few years. Yet winning a second Super Bowl was on his bucket list, which he came close to achieving back in 2023. He had to suffer defeat at the hands of his brother Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs.

After spending 13 seasons with the Eagles, which could only be described as Hall of Fame material, the 36-year-old announced his retirement in March. However, Kelce made sure that he would not have to stay away from the sport that he loves for too long.

While Travis was preparing for Super Bowl LVIII, Jason sat down with the representatives of ESPN for a career in broadcast media. Two months later, the Athletic revealed that the network owned by Disney has agreed to add the seven-time Pro Bowler to their ‘Monday Night Countdown‘ show. 

Jason Kelce’s life outside of football

Growing up in Cleveland Heights, both Kelce brothers attended the University of Cincinnati and played for the Bearcats. While studying at UC, Jason met Kylie Kelce, and the two got married and are parents of three gorgeous daughters.

'Retired' Jason Kelce bags a massive ‘Monday Night Countdown’ pregame show gig with ESPN
Philadelphia Eagles Media Availability Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce speaks during a press conference (Image via IMAGO)

During the COVID-laden seasons, the brothers created a talk show that later grew to be more than a 2.5 million sensation titled ‘New Heights‘ podcast. With Travis’ new-found romance with pop icon Taylor Swift, the show and Jason have become household names around the world.

He also appeared on Saturday Night Live when Travis was the show’s guest host for one episode. The entire Kelce family turned up for the moment, including mother Donna Kelce and father Ed Kelce.

Jason also experienced being a TV analyst. Last season, he was part of the Amazon lineup that covered the Chicago Bears vs. Carolina Panthers game. Social media even trolled both sides for being so poor that the league had to invite Jason to attract views.

If Kelce does join the ESPN cast, the network will undoubtedly see an increase in viewers. On top of that, they have signed eight-time Super Bowl-winning coach Bill Belichick, who debuted as an analyst during the recent NFL Draft in Detroit on the Pat McAfee Show.

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