Richard Sherman raises serious questions about Cowboys’ offseason moves despite Jerry Jones’ all-in comment: “What the F are you doing?”

Sherman highlighted the Cowboys may be in trouble because their delayed approach to give their key players new contracts and improving the squad in the free agency.

Richard Sherman raises serious questions about Cowboys’ offseason moves despite Jerry Jones’ all-in comment: “What the F are you doing?”

Richard Sherman and Jerry Jones (Image via IMAGO/ X)

Jerry Jones‘ job is to make sure that the Dallas Cowboys remain competitive as the ‘Americas Team’, but has he? Judging by Richard Sherman‘s words and expression, the veteran owner might have made things worse by not taking advantage of the free agency.

Sherman sounded off on the Cowboys’ offseason strategies for not showing enough desire to improve the squad. Moreover, there are even more pressing matters, like the contacts of their key players, to take care of.

The Super Bowl-winning cornerback had a momentary silence when the co-host of the Richard Sherman podcast, Mitch Eisenstein, asked for an answer on whether Mike McCarthy‘s time in Arlington may be numbered.

Dallas has a lot more questions than [answers]. What the F are you guys doing?
Richar Sherman replied

He highlighted Jones’ promise about going ‘all in’ making the Cowboys one of the best in football. Yet there’s hardly any assurance about extending either Dak Prescott, Micah Parsons, or CeeDee Lamb—three players crucial to their consecutive 12-5 finishes in the last three seasons.

Early in offseason, you’re like, oh, okay, they’re just taking their time, but you have yet to pay the guys who play the best on your team.
Richar Sherman added

All three of the players are in line to earn a substantial amount of money. It will eat up the Cowboys’ salary cap, but losing them will make them weaker in the following seasons. No matter which path Jerry Jones opts to walk on, it will not end well.

Prescott aside, the Cowboys will have the most trouble negotiating with Lamb’s agents. After the Detroit Lions gave Amon Ra St. Brown a four-year, $120 million deal, the Philadelphia Eagles went one better, making AJ Brown the highest-paid receiver with a three-year, $96 million ($32 million a year) deal.

Lamb would naturally want to be at least close to either of them, or he may be even better after setting receptions and receiving yards records for the Cowboys last season.

Richard Sherman predicts the Dallas Cowboys 2024 season

Despite bashing Jones for not investing enough in the team, Richard Sherman claimed that the Cowboys could win 11 or 12 games in 2024. He thinks the Cowboys drew a very favorable schedule, which was considerably easier than he had expected.

Richard Sherman raises serious questions about Cowboys' offseason moves despite Jerry Jones' all-in comment: "What the F are you doing?"
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones (Image via IMAGO)
I think they got 11 wins in them. They don't have a particularly strong schedule. So I got them [wining] 11 games.
Richard Sherman said

However, the 36-year-old kept pointing out that the success of the team depends on the players’ performances. If the top players are happy (increased salary), then that effect trickles down to the rookies and even the veterans.

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