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Richest Noob In Free Fire

FreeFire is the most popular battle royale in India. Online community and streamers of FreeFire have increased considerably. The players and YouTube streamers in India have funny and catchy nicknames. One of them is Richest Noob In FreeFire. Who is the richest noob in FreeFire let’s find out.

Richest Noob In Free Fire : Lokesh Gamer

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Lokesh Gamer Is Richest Noob

Lokesh Gamer is also goes by the name Richest Noob In FreeFire. He is a big name in content creator for FreeFire. His main YouTube channel Lokesh Gamer has 8.14 Million subscribers and 630 Million views on the channel.
He makes videos sparing thousands of Diamonds in an event to get exclusive in-game items. His video has received a lot of responses from his followers. His videos also hits a million likes just after days the get uploaded.

Lokesh Gamer – Stats

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Lokesh Gamer stats

He has played over 2833 matches in the Squad mode with over 595 victories. He has a win rate of more than 21% and an awesome K/D Rate of 2.81.

Note: The Statistical data in the article were noted at the time of writing. They are maybe change as the players continue to play more games in Free Fire.

Free Fire ID – 220528068
Team – TEAM HIND (Leader)

Lifetime – Played over 2833 matches in the squad mode, Over 595 Victories, won 123 matches in the 1166 solo matches

Win-rate – more than 21%
Total Kills – Over 5155
K/D Ratio – 2.30

He also has another channel by name LR7 Gaming. It has 983k Subscribers and 11.7 million views. He has recently joined hands with Esportsxo, a Bengaluru-based Esports tournament management company with an aim to register 10 million subscribers in 2021.

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