WATCH: Rudy Gobert bizarrely hits Luka Doncic with fist in the stomach while attempting to get the ball

Luka Doncic had 16 points in the first half against the Timberwolves.

WATCH: Rudy Gobert bizarrely hits Luka Doncic with fist in the stomach while attempting to get the ball

Rudy Gobert punched Luka Doncic in stomach during Game 2.

Even the Defensive Player of the Year can get frustrated and make bizarre plays to secure the ball. That’s what happened with Rudy Gobert as he was guarding the MVP runner-up Luka Doncic. Despite having a lead, Gobert turned heads with his strange foul on Doncic during Game 2.

The Minnesota Timberwolves had the game under control during the first half despite Luka Doncic‘s powerful outing. As the team was up by 18 points with 5:54 left in the second quarter, Anthony Edwards missed a shot. Doncic quickly grabbed the ball and started running on the opposite side of the court. That’s when Rudy Gobert came in the way and punched Doncic in the stomach.

Understandably, Doncic was not happy with Gobert’s unnecessary physicality as he stared at the defender furiously. The freshman, however, looked embarrassed about the play as he instantly apologized to Doncic. Gobert’s reaction after his actions may have avoided an altercation between the two players. As Doncic was ready to have words with Gobert, the Slovenian stopped in his tracks after Gobert’s apologetic reaction.

Doncic was going on a run in the first half which might have been the reason behind Gobert’s frustration. Regardless of the Dallas Mavericks trailing big, the 25-year-old had 16 points, five rebounds, and six assists in just the first half of the game.

Kenyon Martin says ‘liability’ Rudy Gobert will not be a factor against the Mavericks

Gobert’s frustration while guarding the Mavericks was seen in Game 2 but the star also struggled in the first game. Doncic and Kyrie Irving both had incredibly balanced offensive performances to take down Game 1. As both dominated one half each, a lot of criticism was raised about the Timberwolves’ defense.

After the game, Denver Nuggets veteran, Kenyon Martin was frustrated with the four-time DPOY‘s performance in the loss. The former player predicted Gobert’s underwhelming performance in the second game. During an episode of Gil’s Arena, Martin called Gobert a liability while facing the duo of Mavericks.

Rudy Gobert ain't gonna be a factor because of how they gotta play because he's a liability. If they don't get up on the screens with him, they don't have a chance in hell because Luka and Kyrie just going to pick and pro till they get him where they wanted 
Kenyon Martin on Gil’s Arena

Martin was right, to say the least as Gobert’s defense was ineffective against Doncic and Irving. The duo again dominated the Timberwolves’ defense as Irving ended up with 20 points and Doncic closed out the matchup with a game-winning shot on Gobert. The team took a 2-0 lead in the Western Conference finals.

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