“They are trying to give medicine” – Ryan Garcia breaks silence from hospital after causing $15,000 worth damage

Ryan Garcia expressed his concerns on social media after being taken to the hospital right after his arrest for vandalism.

“They are trying to give medicine” – Ryan Garcia breaks silence from hospital after causing $15,000 worth damage

Ryan Garcia (Via IMAGO)

Ryan Garcia doesn’t escape one issue while facing another. As such, the young boxer was recently detained for damaging the room of a hotel he was staying at. Subsequently, the news went viral, especially because of how prominent Garcia is in the sport. The young boxer was also able to provide an update about his situation where he mentioned being admitted to a hospital. 

Garcia has consistently appeared on the front pages of both tabloids and sports magazines. However, this has been primarily due to negative incidents the boxer was involved. Whether it’s his behavior leading up to a fight or his failure to pass a drug test, Garcia has been stirring up trouble. The most recent controversy surrounding the young boxer was his arrest for vandalism at a luxury hotel in Los Angeles.

I’m worried 🙁 I have to be at this weird hospital and they are trying to give me medicine. 
Ryan Garcia via X

After being arrested, KingRy was diagnosed with an unknown health issue. This resulted in his being admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where he is currently being monitored. On his social media, Garcia expressed worry for himself and asked his supporters to pray for him. The specifics of Garcia’s condition are not clear. 

There are rumors among Ryan Garcia‘s followers that he might be placed under a 5150 involuntary hold. This legal provision permits a person suffering from a mental health emergency to be detained in a hospital’s psychiatric unit. This is done for a maximum of 72 hours until it is confirmed that he poses no threat to himself or others. 

Ryan Garcia compares himself to Britney Spears and Donald Trump

Following his arrest for serious property damage on June 8, Garcia managed to speak about his circumstances on social media. This was surprising since most people thought he would be detained without a phone. Nonetheless, Garcia began drawing parallels between himself and several celebrities, like Britney Spears and Donald Trump

Ryan Garcia
Ryan Garcia (image credit- Kevin Lole)

It was later disclosed that the boxer expressed concerns about health problems while in custody and was transferred to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for a check-up. As such, the young boxer remarked how he feels like Spears because of this. It was a reference to the alleged mental and financial problems that she suffered. 

However, this wasn’t his only comparison, as the young boxer also found parallels between himself and the former US president. As opposed to what was claimed, Trump is not currently in jail. However, the 77-year-old has mentioned that he will fight against the allegations even if it leads to his imprisonment.

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