“Double-edged sword,” Current WWE champion reveals massive difference in being booked by Triple H and Vince McMahon 

Sami Zayn claims that he could have randomly won a World Championship under Vince McMahon.

“Double-edged sword,” Current WWE champion reveals massive difference in being booked by Triple H and Vince McMahon 

Triple H and Vince McMahon (via WWE)

The new regime under WWE CCO Triple H has been highly praised by fans and wrestlers alike. The quality of the product has improved significantly over the past two years. Many superstars have also stated their preference for being booked under the King of Kings, including Sami Zayn.


In an interview with The Daily Mail, the current Intercontinental Champion talked about differences in being booked under Vince McMahon and Triple H. He stated that The Game saw him as a good guy. However, the former CEO of WWE saw him as a bad guy with irksome qualities that lent to an irksome character.

He added that things were a lot more unpredictable under the old boss. Vince McMahon had a week-to-week approach. If he felt like it that week, he would crown one as champion. Contrarily, Hunter has a much more long-term vision for the product. If one is not a part of that vision, then the chances of someone breaking into the company are much slimmer.

It's kind of a double edged sword. He might see me in a way that lends itself more to being in that mix and possibly winning it. But on the other hand, I could have just slipped on a banana peel and won the world title.
Sami Zayn on the Daily Mail

He compared this approach to a double-edged sword. If Triple H sees him in a way where he could lend himself to the main event scene, he may win a world championship. On the other hand, he labeled McMahon’s approach more unpredictable.


Sami Zayn talks about his desire for a World Championship

In the same interview, Sami Zayn talked about the importance of winning a World Championship for him. He asserted that he always performed his best throughout his career. The 39-year-old hoped that this would be enough to get him there.

Sami Zayn
Sami Zayn (via WWE)

The former NXT Champion claimed that he would love to win a World Championship before he retired. However, he does not live and die because of that idea. He appreciated people telling him that they would love to see a World Title run from the underdog. He would love to see it, too, and hoped that it would happen.

Lastly, the Syrian-Canadian talked about his Tag Team Championship run with his best friend, Kevin Owens. While he acknowledged a lack of diversity in his opponents, he claimed to be incredibly proud of his reign alongside his lifelong friend.

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