‘Pumped’ Sauce Gardner reveals his intention to finish his career as the CB for the New York Jets

Gardner does not want to don the jersey of any other NFL team.

‘Pumped’ Sauce Gardner reveals his intention to finish his career as the CB for the New York Jets

Sauce Gardner (via IMAGO)

Loyalty is hard to come by in sports today. Gone are the days when athletes would stick to one team for the entirety of their career and do their level best to bring as many championships as they could to the franchise that brought them aboard. It has become all about winning. Athletes do not flinch for a minute before switching teams if it means they get a better shot to win.

Sauce Gardner, however, belongs to the old guard. The young cornerback for the New York Jets revealed his intention to play his entire career out in the Big Apple via X.

I wanna be a New York Jet for the rest of my career. 

Sauce Gardner posted on X

It is not every day that an immensely talented NFL player comes out and admits he wants to play his entire career out for the New York Jets. Had Sauce Gardner posted this message a month ago, it would not have been believable as it could pass as an April Fool’s prank but the corner is serious about his intent to play out his career as a Jet.

Sauce Gardner has lived above and beyond the hype surrounding him

The fourth pick of the 2022 draft class has established himself as the core of the team’s defense. Gardner has left no doubts that he is an elite corner in the NFL and that he was worth the hype with which he initially came into the league.

Sauce Gardner
Sauce Gardner (via IMAGO)

In just two seasons, Gardner has made it to the Pro Bowl once, won Defensive Rookie of the Year honors, and became the first rookie since 1981 to make the First-Team All-Pro. That alone speaks volumes about his talent and potential as a corner. The scary part is that he is just getting started in the league. This man is going to get better year over year.

In his rookie year, he had 20 pass deflections, the highest in the league, 75 tackles, two interceptions, three tackles for a loss, and one QB hit. In 2023, a year that was supposed to be a big one for the Jets defense, Gardner continued his dominant run and further solidified his name as being a lockdown corner in the NFL.

As he heads into his third year, it will be exciting to see if he can continue his defensive prowess. But for Jets fans, today is a good day, for you do not need to worry about one star leaving your corner when times get tough!

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