“Grow up to be a good Republican,” Sean Strickland goes viral for giving hilarious advice to teammates infant son

Sean Strickland's controversial and hilarious advice to Chris Curtis' son goes viral on the internet.

“Grow up to be a good Republican,” Sean Strickland goes viral for giving hilarious advice to teammates infant son

Sean Strickland advises Chris Curtis' son (Image via: IMAGO, X)

Sean Strickland is close with his teammate at Extreme Couture, Chris Curtis. There are not a lot of fighters with whom Strickland is close. It is not an Aljamain SterlingMerab Dvalishvili relationship. Both fight in the same division, like Sterling and Dvalishvili, but they have no qualms about fighting each other if the opportunity arises.


At times, Strickland’s outspoken, controversial remarks do not sit well with Curtis. Moreover, Curtis once deleted his social media after the backlash from Strickland’s controversial views. Nevertheless, the two are best friends and even have a podcast together. Recently, Strickland uploaded a video in which he advised Curtis’ infant son, Bear.

Let me tell you about the liberals and what they are trying to do to this country. They're trying to take your guns away. They're trying to give the country to the illegals. Ain't no border wall. You're gonna grow up to be a good Republican. Get it done.
Sean Strickland via X

Strickland had always advised his fans of the same on social media. Since he became a big star in the UFC, fight fans found an affinity toward Strickland’s conservative views, particularly in the current US political landscape. The video became yet another moment when ‘Tarzan’ dunked on liberals and woke ideology.

The former middleweight champion was not a supporter of Republicans. However, he has become a vocal supporter since meeting with Donald Trump in Las Vegas. The fighter has declared his support for Trump in the 2024 Elections. Nonetheless, he believes that politicians are responsible for his perceived condition of the United States of America.

Chris Curtis reveals progress in getting Sean Strickland to therapy

Sean Strickland and Chris Curtis had different lives when they grew up. Curtis has openly stated that his childhood difficulties paled in comparison to that of Strickland. Even though they have sparred and bloodied each other several times, Curtis remains one of Strickland’s closest friends. Moreover, the duo has cornered each other to influence the judges.

Chris Curtis with Sean Strickland
Chris Curtis with Sean Strickland (via Pinterest)

Ever since Strickland’s childhood trauma and subsequent breakdown became public, the MMA community encouraged Strickland to seek therapy. However, he has not done it. Curtis recently tweeted it was okay for men to get therapy in this global era. He explained the previous generation did not have the world at their fingertips like the present generation.

Interestingly, Curtis replied ‘work in progress’ to a fan’s inquiry about whether he tried to get Strickland into therapy. Strickland had an altercation with Dricus Du Plessis as he used the American’s childhood trauma for trash talk. Around the same time, he had an emotional breakdown on his podcast appearance with Theo Von.

Nevertheless, nothing has stopped Strickland from making controversial remarks on social media. Du Plessis, Ian Garry, Belal Muhammad, and Israel Adesanya are the main targets of Strickland’s criticism in the UFC. It will likely be the case in the not-too-distant future as well, considering what Strickland told Curtis’s son.

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