Shannon Sharpe names Joel Embiid as ‘number one threat’ to Tatum’s Celtics; Gilbert Arenas shuts him down

Joel Embiid's career record against the Celtics in the playoffs is 3–12.

Shannon Sharpe names Joel Embiid as ‘number one threat’ to Tatum’s Celtics; Gilbert Arenas shuts him down

Joel Embiid

The Boston Celtics secured the top seed in the Eastern Conference, but it is still unclear who the Celtics will play in the first round of the playoffs. The play-in tournament is scheduled to begin in a few days. Shannon Sharpe, however, claims that Joel Embiid and company are posing a serious threat to them in the postseason. Gilbert Arenas, however, has a different perspective and believes that the Celtics are still safe.


Shannon Sharpe brought up an article from Dime Magazine regarding the top challengers to the Celtics in the Eastern Conference playoffs during a recent episode of NightCap. It was stated that the Celtics’ second playoff challenge would come from the Sixers. Sharpe agreed, stating that Joel Embiid poses the greatest threat if he is not injured. Arenas, on the other hand, has a different opinion and points out that Embiid has never defeated the Celtics.

If Joel Embiid is gonna stay healthy, Joel Embiid is the #1 threat to the Celtics.
Shannon Sharpe said
Nah nah, AL Horford owns him. I don't even know if Embiid has beaten Boston. He tried to bring AL in to help him get past them. 
Disagreeing to the same, Gilbert Arenas said

Indeed, Embiid didn’t have the best playoff showing against the Celtics. According to Statmuse, his record against Celtics in the playoffs is 3-12 which demonstrates the team’s constant dominance over the Sixers, particularly Embiid. Even though they are playing the Nets in their final game, they should have no trouble winning.

Skip Bayless doubted Joel Embiid’s capacity to guide the Sixers into the NBA Playoffs

The Philadelphia 76ers have a lot of obstacles to overcome to advance through the NBA playoffs as they currently sit in seventh place in the Eastern Conference. In addition, Sixers star Joel Embiid recently made a full recovery from a meniscus surgery to his left knee, and the team has won seven straight games since then. However, Skip Bayless dismissed the Sixers’ chances of making the playoffs in his show “Undisputed” even after Embiid’s comeback a few days ago.

I find him hard to play with. I am not sure he makes his teammates better because you kind of play through him. He's kind of a solo act in the middle of the floor. I don't see the Sixers doing much of anything. I don't think they are gonna make any noise. 
Skip Bayless said on Undisputed

Even if they make it through the first and second rounds, which will require a lot of work on their part, it will still be challenging for them to defeat the Boston Celtics, who are the favorites to go to the conference finals, based on the numbers.

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