The Milwaukee Bucks have made a rough comeback in the NBA this season. After a hard slack down phase, the team has gathered up their flaws to get back to league terms. Giannis Antetokounmpo, the two-time MVP has been the star for the franchise. The team has moulded around the superstar since a long time. However, Giannis Antetokounmpo’s absence has got the team troubling. They are a juggernaut in the Eastern Conference. Shaquille O’Neal called out the Milwaukee Bucks’ roster to step up in his absence.

The Bucks faced a huge loss playing without their talisman Giannis. They lost to the Golden State Warriors by a single point. The game came to a closure with 122-121 yesterday. The return of Stephen Curry to Dub’s roster was a major boost. He ended his night with 41-points while centre James Wiseman registered a double-double. On the other hand, Bucks fell short by a single point despite 29-points from Jrue Holiday and a 28-point performance by Khris Middleton. A list minute drama completely turned the game as Khris Middleton missed a game winner.

Shaquille O’Neal expressive on Milwaukee roster

During the 4th quarter, Khris Middleton made both the free-throws to give Bucks a single point lead. However, on the other end, Warriors missed a shot and Kelly Oubre grabbed a tough rebound. He was fouled on the way to floater. Kelly converted both the shots and Bucks called for a time out. Despite a miss-pass, DiVincenzo grabbed the ball and passed it to Holiday. As Middleton was free, he attempted a deep three pointers and was partially blocked by Andrew Wiggins. Warriors controlled the rebound to get the win. Shaquille O’Neal was very dissatisfied with the team. He stated his concerns on NBA on TNT.

Shaq said, “You need others to win championship so when your star is not playing, everybody else has to step up and kind of you know perform and you know let everybody know what they can do they. This is a tough loss for them because you know even though your guy’s not playing, you’re still supposed to beat Golden State. We worry about Milwaukee when they slow things down and everybody’s focusing on Giannis and Giannis is doing the right thing passing the people what can they do. They definitely needed this win, but when your star is out, others got to step up and play.” The Bucks are one of the contenders who can break their 50-year championship drought. The team needs to hurdle on responsibility and do not be completely dependent upon Giannis.


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