“Me and AJ,” WWE Hall of Famer names AJ Styles as his dream opponent if he ever comes out of retirement 

Mr. WrestleMania would want AJ Styles if the former has one last match left in him.

“Me and AJ,” WWE Hall of Famer names AJ Styles as his dream opponent if he ever comes out of retirement 

AJ Styles [ Image via WWE]

AJ Styles is one such individual who doesn’t appear to be slowing down an inch but is relatively close to calling it a day on his in-ring career. However, there’s an eclectic gamut of laurels he could look back on and be supremely proud of himself. Only if he could’ve managed to persuade WWE HOF’er Shawn Michaels for a one-on-one showdown earlier. However, it may still happen.


Michaels recently spoke to the Gorilla Position and named Styles as his dream opponent if the former ever goes back into that territory. The Heartbreak Kid admitted that even though there’s a ton of other names he’d like to do stuff with, AJ Styles is one who’s had a similar trajectory as that of him. Both have been quite alike in their style of wrestling.

Which is why the NXT creative lead said that the fans would love them to link up if they were about to go at each other. Shawn Michaels last competed in 2018 at Crown Jewel. He partnered with his longtime DX compatriot Triple H to take on The Undertaker and Kane. Despite being such a star-studded affair, the match was heavily criticized for being botch-laden and sloppy at times.

I think the one we really want to see is me and AJ.  I look at it like, boy, I can do cool stuff with him. I can do cool stuff with him. But I think AJ, I think AJ and I can get similar styles and stuff like that. So I always feel like that would be one people would want to see.
Shawn Michaels on a match with AJ Styles

Not only Michaels, but Styles has also been keen on wrestling the 58-year-old. Back in 2017, it was heavily rumored that HBK would lace up his boots once and for all against The Georgia Pitbull at the Royal Rumble. The PLE was held in San Antonio, which happens to be the hometown of Michaels. However, things just never materialized.


AJ Styles could be heading towards a mega match with Cody Rhodes

On the back of an ignominious loss at WrestleMania XL, AJ Styles was able to thwart a catastrophe on SmackDown this week. He ousted Kevin Owens and Rey Mysterio in a triple-threat bout to set up a rematch with LA Knight, who won his own set of a three-way earlier on.

AJ Styles and Cody Rhodes
AJ Styles and Cody Rhodes [via- WWE]

Had Styles gone down tamely yet again, it would’ve been disastrous to redeem himself. But he’s got a real chance at glory next Friday. Having said that, he’d just need to see off The Megastar.

The winner of that would go on to face Cody Rhodes for the WWE Championship at Backlash on May 4. Needless to say, The Phenomenal One would fancy himself to pull off an upset in the near future.

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