Should James Harden be included in the MVP Debate?

James Harden caps off his MVP caliber performance by guiding Nets past Phoenix Suns

James Harden

James Harden just showed what a machine he is, in Brooklyn Nets latest encounter against Phoenix Suns. Not having both, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant by his side, Harden capped off Nets’ emphatic 24-point comeback by dropping 38 points double-double. What seemed like an easy victory for the Suns? Harden turned the tables around in no time. After such a performance, fans are left scratching their heads thinking why is James Harden not included in the MVP Debate this season? 

Not only this game, but James Harden has dropped more than 4 triple-doubles ever since he has joined the Brooklyn Nets. With all key focus being on Kevin Durant in this season for the Nets, Harden just displayed why he should be included in the MVP race for this season. 

James Harden caps off 24-point comeback for the Nets against Suns 

Talking in particular about the match between Nets vs Suns, Harden’s 3-pointer from a few feet beyond the arc with 31 seconds left gave the Nets their first lead of the game at 126-124 and he hit two more free throws with 11.3 seconds remaining to polish off the win. Harden shot 14 of 22 from the field and added 11 assists and seven rebounds. 

With his All-Star buddies cheering in street clothes from the bench, Harden showed he can still fill up a box score and provide plenty of fourth-quarter heroics if needed. While Harden was the undeniable star for the Nets, his teammates provided plenty of good moments, too. The bench added 40 points and Harris scored 15 in the second half. 

“It’s the true definition of a team,” James Harden said as per ESPN. “One or two guys go down, next man up.” 

The Nets were playing without two of their three main stars, but Harden was more than up for the challenge. Kevin Durant was out with a hamstring injury while Kyrie Irving was held out with lower back tightness. 

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