“Was a really tough and close race” – China’s Peng Zheng completes golden brace at Beijing Winter Paralympics

Zheng Peng celebrated winning his gold with a roar in the Men's Sprint Sitting Final at the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games.

Peng Zheng
Peng Zheng

China’s Peng Zheng completed a brace of gold medals with another breathtaking performance at the 2022 Beijing Winter Paralympics on Wednesday at the Zhangjiakou National Biathlon Centre.

The 29-year-old Zheng, who finished with an impressive time of 2:42.4 seconds, made the rest on the field look pretty ordinary in the finals. The only skier to test him was his compatriot Zhongwu Mao but the two-way battle ended in Zheng’s favour. The latter followed shortly by a mere +2.5 seconds while Canada’s Collin Cameron grabbed bronze, +3.9 seconds behind.

“This was a really tough and close race. I’m really glad to get this gold because I might not have got it if I wasn’t as stable as I was today,” said an elated Zheng, who also thanked the vocal Chinese fans for backing him all the way.

“Have been encouraged by the support of fans”

The Putian native skier shed light on how the love and support of fans from the outside enhances his performance on the ice. 

He added: “I’m not sure about any tactics, but because all the fans outside have been cheering for us, the rhythm they’ve been giving us is really great. We’ve been encouraged by that support and got strength from that.”

Zheng also looked keen on now emulating his success and enhancing his performance by competing in other parts of the globe.

“We’ve been training at home in recent years, but we hope to get out to different countries in the coming years and to learn from them and do well,” the Beijing 2022 Paralympic gold medalist signed off. 

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