“My Lakers are in Cancun!” Celebrity fan Snoop Dogg wants ‘anyone but the Celtics’ to win NBA championship

The New York Knicks are having a great post-season with Jalen Brunson leading the charge.

“My Lakers are in Cancun!” Celebrity fan Snoop Dogg wants ‘anyone but the Celtics’ to win NBA championship

Snoop Dogg and Jayson Tatum

Snoop Dogg a well-known Los Angeles Lakers fan made an appearance on the Stephen A. Smith show, where he refused to lend his support to most people’s favorites, the Boston Celtics. Instead, he chose to side with the host, Smith’s favorite team, the New York Knicks. 


Stephen A. Smith started by asking the rap icon how he was doing before the conversation took a different turn into how SAS was feeling great because his favorite team, the Knicks was doing great and still in the playoffs. For Snoop, his team was according to him chilling in Cancun. 

I'm happy for you and your Knicks that y’all look good. I got to start off by saying that cos I know you're a die-hard Knicks man. I don't sound sincere because my Lakers is in Cancun. I can halfway root for you, I just don't want to see Boston win, anybody but Boston.
Snoop Dogg said to Stephen A. Smith on his show

The New York Knicks are doing well for themselves in this season’s playoffs as they currently have the advantage over the Indiana Pacers. And with the form of the “best player in the East,” Jalen Brunson, even though his abilities are always called into question, they stand a chance of making it to the Eastern Conference Finals. 

They play the Pacers away tonight and would hope to take a major step toward advancing towards the finals. And with that achieved, Stephen A. Smith can agree with Snoop that he is a happy man but it’d be far-fetched to see them conquer the title favorites, the Boston Celtics. 

Snoop Dogg compares Jalen Brunson to Steph Curry

Snoop Dogg, who is a diehard LA Lakers fan, appeared on Stephen A. Smith’s show, and despite his bias, he tried to be fair in his analysis. 


Snoop surprisingly predicted the Minnesota Timberwolves and New York Knicks to reach the 2024 NBA Finals. He also believes that Jalen Brunson, the Knicks’ point guard, has the potential to lead the team to the finals, and went as far as comparing him to four-time NBA champion, Steph Curry.

I watched Steph Curry do the same thing. Same low point guard moving around, dipping and dodging, shaking and baking. I think he [Brunson] could do it. They didn’t think he [Curry] could do it. He did! I’m just telling you what I seen. I didn’t believe it when I seen Steph do it. When it happened, it happened. We was watching it happen, just like you’re watching it happen with your team right now.
Snoop Dogg said to Stephen A. Smith

Snoop’s prediction has raised a lot of dust from fans on social media and added pressure on the Knicks, who are dealing with injuries to key players. However, Donte DiVincenzo and Josh Hart have stepped up to support Brunson. While unlikely, the Knicks could still make a deep playoff run with Brunson leading the charge.

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