Sports Ministry recognizes 12 more sports federations

18 National Sports Federations have already been recognized. Now 12 more have been added by the Sports Ministry.

Indian Men’s Rowing Team

The Indian Sports Ministry has decided to grant recognition to 12 more National Sports Federations (NSF) through a notification to the Delhi Hight Court on Monday. The 12 will add to the 18 already existing NSFs that have been recognized. This decision was made in response to a case filed by lawyer Rahul Mehra.

The recognized federations are:

  • Athletics Federation of India
  • Indian Golf Union
  • Softball Association of India
  • Shooting Ball Federation of India
  • Body Builders Federation
  • Squash Racket Federation of India
  • Rowing Federation of India
  • Basketball Federation of India
  • Kho Kho Federation of India
  • All India Football Federation
  • Rowing Federation of India
  • Indian Golf Union

Duration of recognition different for each NSF

Kho Kho

Despite all the concerned NSFs being recognized at one go, the duration of each recognition varies. The ministry has informed the court that six NSFs — Squash Racket Federation of India, Rowing Federation of India, Basketball Federation of India, Kho Kho Federation of India, All India Football Federation and Ten Pin Bowling — will be recognized for “one year with effect from the date of issue of the proposed letters”.

However, six NSFs — Athletics Federation of India, Boxing Federation of India, Indian Golf Union, Softball Association of India, Shooting Ball Federation of India and Body Builders Federation — have been recognised “up to 31.12.2020 with effect from the date of issue of the proposed letters…, as elections of these NSFs have become due”.

Two other federations – Rowing Federation of India and Indian Golf Union were already granted provisional recognition following which their recognition has been extended.

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