Stats from 2011-2020: Players with the best and worst ATP win percentage

Novak Djokovic took the tennis world by storm after his magnificent 2011 season. In this article, we will have a look at some of the ATP stats from 2011-2020 which includes the best and worst ATP win percentage.

Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic have dominated tennis from 2011-2020

If you are a tennis fan, you will never forget the 2011 season which is considered to be a revolutionary year in the history of the sport. When 2011 arrived, all the talk was related to Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer sweeping titles and Grandslams year after year. Rafael Nadal had just completed his career grandslam in 2010 by winning the US Open, and Roger Federer completed the feat in 2009, winning the French Open.

Then arrived the year, 2011, a Serbian named Novak Djokovic was already a big name in tennis, having won the 2008 Australian Open. But was to follow would change the face of tennis for the next 9 years and counting. Novak Djokovic won 3 majors in 2011, announcing himself on the big stage, winning the Australian Open, Wimbledon Championships and the US Open.

In this article we will have a look at the stats from 2011-2020, which includes the best and worst ATP win percentage, and the best and worst Grandslam win percentage.

Highest ATP win percentage:2011-2020, Minimum 200 matches

Is there any doubt in regards to who would occupy the top 3 places in the highest ATP win percentage? They certainly are occupied by the Big 3 of tennis, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. Novak Djokovic has dominated tennis alongside the likes of Nadal and Federer in the past 10 years and has more importantly, posed challenges to the two greats of tennis.

Novak Djokovic: 87.64%

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic tops the chart with a win percentage of almost 88% which is incredible by any standard. The Serbian has won 16 Grandslams titles in the span of 9 years, including 4 Nitto ATP Finals titles and several Masters’s titles. The Serb holds the record for most Master’s titles won at 36, and also ended the year as the world number for 6 times between 2011-2020, and shares this record with Pete Sampras.

Rafael Nadal: 83.86%

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal has also carried on his form from the 2005-2010 period and maintained his dominance in tennis over the past 9 years. The Spaniard has won 8 French Open titles, 3 US Open titles in the past 9 years taking his tally to 20 majors. The Spaniard suffered quite a bit of losses in 2015-2016 when he was struggling with injuries, but turned back his fortunes from 2017 when he once again picked up his level of tennis. The opponents who have continued to trouble Nadal included Novak Djokovic, who has had a good measure of the Spaniard in the recent years, except on clay courts.

Roger Federer: 83.56%

Roger Federer

Roger Federer has also achieved reasonable amount of success in the past 9 years, but he has not been able to match up to the likes of Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. This was obvious as the Swiss’ peak days were behind him in the early 2010s, with Djokovic stamping his authority on the big stages. Federer,however has a great win percentage of 83.56%.

Lowest ATP win percentage: 2011-2020, Minimum 200 matches

No one wants to be in the list of having the worst ATP win percentage. But as the stats would point out to, there are a few players on tour who have consistently performed poor on tour in the past 9 years.

Mischa Zverev: 40.2%

Mischa Zverev

Mischa Zverev, who had a career best ranking of 25 at a point in 2017 is currently languishing at the 260th place. Alexander Zverev’s brother, Mischa has a win percentage of just 40.2% in the past 9 years. He reached the quarterfinals at the Australian Open in 2017 and also managed to win his first title at Eastbourne International in 2018. But his form early on his career and post 2018 is the reason why he tops this list.

Paolo Lorenzi: 38.97%

Paolo Lorenzi

Paolo Lorenzi, the 38 year old Italian is 2nd on the list of the worst record on the tour with just 38.97 win percentage. The Italian achieved a career best ranking of 33 in 2017 but is currently ranked outside the top 100. The Italian won his first ATP Title at Kitzbuhel at the age of 24 in 2016. Lorenzi has over 300 wins on the ATP Challenger events but has not performed well when it comes to ATP 250,500,1000 or even Grandslam events.

Dudi Sela: 40.00%

Dudi Sela

Dudi Sela who had a career high ranking of 29 is currently struggling on tour. The Israeli has played over 350 singles matches in his career and has struggled to find any sort of momentum in the past few years. He has a couple of good Grandslam runs which includes a third round at the Australian Open in 2016.

Highest win percentage at Grandslams: 2011-2020, Minimum 50 matches

The front runners for this list are again the Big 3 players, which includes Novak Djokovic at the top (90.56%), Nadal on the 2nd place (88.04%) and Federer on 3rd place (84.15%). We will have a look at a few others players who occupy the 4th, 5th and 6th positions.

Andy Murray: 83.13%

Andy Murray

If there is one player who has consistently stood up to the likes of the Big 3 in the past 9 years, it has been Andy Murray. The Brit had consistently fared well at Grandslams prior to his career-threatening injury in 2017. The Brit has never returned back to his peak form in 2016. However, he did managed to win 3 majors in the past 9 years and having a win percentage of over 83% inspite of struggling with injuries speaks volumes about him.

Stan Wawrinka: 76.39%

Stan Wawrinka

Stan Wawrinka has also made a name for himself on the big stage, by winning 3 Grandslams in the past 6 years. His first major came at the 2014 Australian Open, where he defeated Rafael Nadal in the finals and the rest two came at French Open 2015 and US Open 2016, both by defeating Djokovic in the finals. However, in the recent years the Swiss has not lived up to his expectations and is getting knocked out early from the Grandslams.

Juan Martin Del Potro: 75%

Juan Martin del Potro

It is often said that when Juan Martin Del Potro hits the ball with full power, there is possibility it might tear off. The 2009 US Open winner had a promising career which has been so often marred by injuries. He has not won a single major in the past 9 years, but has done well in Grandslams overall. He reached the US Open 2018 final where he lost to Novak Djokovic and a Wimbledon semifinal in the same year.

Lowest win percentage at Grandslams: 2011-2020, Minimum 50 matches

Robin Haase: 33.33%

Robin Haase

Robin Haase has the lowest win percentage in the past 9 years at Grandslams for those who have played over 50 matches. The Dutch ranked at a career best of 33 once in 2012 has consistently lost in the opening rounds at majors. He has not succeeded to get past the third round in any of Grandslam appearances so far. His best finishes at Grandslams has been third round at Australian Open and the Wimbledon.

Albert-Ramos Vinolas: 37.93%

Albert Ramos Vinolas

Ramos Vinolas, the 32 year old Spaniard once ranked at a career best of 17 has failed to deliver when it comes to majors. The Spaniard’s best finish at a Grandslam is the quarterfinals at the French Open which he reached in 2016. Apart from that, he has faced quite a bit of early losses at Grandslams, which is the reason why he finds himself in this list.

Denis Istomin: 41.38%

Denis Istomin

Denis Istomin, the Uzbek player has a win percentage of just over 40 at Grandslams. His mot notable performance at a major came at the Australian Open 2017, where he defeated Novak Djokovic in the second round. Although he has managed to reach the 4th rounds at Australian Open, Wimbledon and US Open, he has failed to deliver consistently on the big stages. He achieved a career best ranking of 33 in 2012 and is currently outside the top 100.

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