FUMING Stephen A. Smith goes off on Draymond Green for triggering take on First Take host

Draymond Green said that he has lost all respect for Stephen A. Smith after he toed the line about his suspensions.

FUMING Stephen A. Smith goes off on Draymond Green for triggering take on First Take host

ESPN and First Take host Stephen A. Smith unleashes a rant at Draymond Green for taking a shot at him for his take on Green's suspensions

Stephen A. Smith has worked as an analyst for several years. In all those years, he has respected athletes, and he has also earned their respect. Despite having personal relations with a lot of athletes, the longtime ESPN analyst has had to say a lot of things depending on the situation. He did the same when Draymond Green had two incidents that caused an uproar in the sporting world.

But now Green had a different take on how Smith spoke about those incidents. Only for Smith to come back fuming. Stephen A. Smith opened today’s broadcast of First Take with this very issue. He went on a rant that lasted quite a while.

I've now lost respect for him. I got mad love for Draymond Green. I have an abundance of receipts where I can show you, how many times have I spoken up for Draymond Green. You would think I'm not gonna make everybody happy with every single syllable that comes out of my mouth. But I pride myself on being fair. I've spoken up religiously for him on his behalf on many and many occasions. Because I know the brother personally. He is wrong.
Stephen A. Smith said via First Take

Smith mentioned that Green was wrong to keep a grudge against him for the wrong reasons. More importantly, he could have solved this issue personally, instead of talking about it on a podcast.

Stephen A. Smith talked about the various times he has supported the 4-time champion. Even though everyone else was talking about anger management and all that, it was Smith who stopped people from taking it too far. Only when the Golden State Warriors went too far, did Smith toe the line.

Smith was also not happy as his friend Shaquille O’Neal did not say anything in support of him. But he could excuse that. But he cannot excuse Draymond Green from taking a shot at him for something he did not do.

Stephen A. Smith wants Inside the NBA team to stay on TV

In yesterday’s segment of The Stephen A. Smith Show, he talked about his dear friends Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and Ernie Johnson, who are about to lose their show. He had a very clear message to everyone.

I don't know everything in life, but I know television. And I know that I don't give a damn what network you are. If you have an opportunity to have Charles Barkley, Shaquille O'Neal and Kenny Smith together, you do not break that up. You keep that together. Bring all 3 of them with you. I say 3 instead of the 4 because Ernie Johnson is a lifer. He'll probably retire. But of course, if you can keep all 4 you keep all 4.
Stephen A. Smith said

He was emotional while saying this, as they have been friends for a long time. More importantly, he knows their show is the standard of the industry.

The ESPN analyst also suggested that any network should throw all the money possible, to get the quartet together. Whether it means that TNT pay and renew their deal with the NBA, or any other network. That team is that good to let it all go away.

Knowing them for so long, Smith wants them to stay on TV as long as they can. All this suggests it could be possible that Smith tries to convince his bosses to bring them in.

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