“Take his MVP vote away” – Popular analyst Stephen A. Smith mistaking favorite team Knicks player leaves fans furious 

New York native Stephen A. Smith has been a Knicks fans ever since time immemorial.

“Take his MVP vote away” – Popular analyst Stephen A. Smith mistaking favorite team Knicks player leaves fans furious 

Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. Smith has been a New York Knicks fan ever since one can remember. He has always rooted for his hometown team and talks about them with a wide grin when they are successful.

However, fans were left furious when a long-time fan like himself messed up on a player who he thought played for the Knicks. Stephen A. Smith does not let any chance slip away to talk about his beloved Knicks, and what better than his own show, The Stephen A. Smith Show?

While talking about what positives he has seen from the New York Knicks recently, Smith had a few words to say:

I'm looking at Grimes, he's looked good.
Stephen A. Smith said

When searching the NBA player database there is only one player whose name is Grimes, and that happens to be Detroit Pistons guard Quentin Grimes. It so happens that the same player last played for the Knicks in February.

It seems the highly-rated host of First Take forgot about the trade that sent Grimes among others to the Pistons for Bojan Bogdanovic. He was however referring to the last game that took place between the Knicks and the Milwaukee Bucks which took place a couple of days back.

Therefore, it seems either the supposed Knicks fan did not watch the game, or completely forgot that Grimes does not play at the Madison Square Garden anymore. Whatever could be the reason, fans are furious that such a so-called fan of the team forgot that a player does not play for them anymore.

Fans furious with Stephen A. Smith’s gaffe about his favorite team

If the 56-year-old had goofed up about any other team, fans could have been a bit more tolerant. However, this was about a team that had the famed analyst as one of their biggest fans for a long time. Therefore, it was inexcusable that such a fan, who also happens to have NBA news ready at his fingertips, could forget that a player no longer dons his team’s jersey.

They took to social media to call out the New York native. Check out some of their reactions calling out Smith, below:

Stephen A. Smith could have been a bit more careful when talking about Quentin Grimes who is no longer a part of his favorite team. Fans are not happy and felt that the New York Knicks fan ought to be more prepared going forward.

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