‘Disappointed’ Stephen Curry sends message to Warriors fans and hypes US National team for Olympics

Steph Curry also broke silence on disappointing season end.

‘Disappointed’ Stephen Curry sends message to Warriors fans and hypes US National team for Olympics

Steph Curry

Stephen Curry has been quiet since the Golden State Warriors missed the playoffs, but he finally broke his silence after being named to the 3rd All-NBA Team. He expressed his gratitude and reflected on his achievement in a message on the popular social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter).

Curry’s message also included a nod to the upcoming Paris Olympics. He’ll be representing Team USA for the first time. 

Even though year 15 didn’t end as planned, a lot to build on and a lot to look forward to! Appreciate DubNation and thankful for it all! 10X All NBA, who would’ve thought…See y’all this summer!
Steph Curry wrote on X

Steph Curry, the 2024 Clutch Player of the Year, is nearing the end of his career, and the next Olympics will be in 2028, when he’ll be 40. He’s said he’s not close to retirement, but the chances of him representing the USA in the next Olympics seem slim. Furthermore, Magic Johnson and Dirk Nowitzki welcomed Curry to the elite club of players with 10 All-NBA Team appearances, and Curry is likely motivated to make the most of his time on the court, both with the Warriors and Team USA.

Magic Johnson praises Stephen Curry following another milestone

Stephen Curry’s season may have ended early, but he’s added several accolades to his resume, including his 10th All-NBA selection. This achievement puts him in elite company, which includes Magic Johnson, who congratulated Curry on this feat. Johnson praised Curry, where he mentioned how he’s changed the game of basketball in the NBA, and also wished him luck in the Olympics.

To one of my favorite players of all time, Steph Curry. Congratulations my brother, on being named to your 10th All-NBA selection…We’ve always been linked together. You know I love you…You’ve changed the game of basketball in the NBA.
Magic Johnson said in a video message to Steph Curry

Dirk Nowitzki, another NBA legend, also congratulated The Baby-Faced Assasin and noted that only 26 players have achieved double-digit All-NBA selections. Nowitzki, a fan of Curry’s, encouraged him to keep shooting from half-court. 

Furthermore, Warriors coach Steve Kerr also joined to praise Curry’s work ethic, as he said his 10 All-NBA selections in 11 years (except for 2019-20 due to injury) are a testament to his dedication. Curry’s achievement has continued his franchise record for most All-NBA selections, which has given him something to be proud of after a disappointing play-in elimination.

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