Profile Information

Full Name Carlos Sainz Jr.
Nickname Chilli
Age 29 years old
Nationality Spanish (Spain)
Current Team Ferrari
F1 Debut 2015

Carlos Sainz is a Spanish Driver who is currently racing for Scuderia Ferrari. He was born on 1st September 1994 in Madrid, and the Ferrari driver has a rich family history in motorsports. His father, Carlos Sainz Sr. is a two-time world rallying champion. It is clear that Sainz has his dad’s racing genes.

When did Carlos Sainz join Formula 1?

Carlos Sainz joined F1 in 2015, after winning Formula Renault 3.5 in 2014. He was partnered up with Max Verstappen at Scuderia Torro Rosso. He later moved to Renault in 2017 for 2 seasons. In 2019, he landed a seat with McLaren where he achieved his first-ever podium finish. After 2 glorious seasons with McLaren, the Spaniard made a big move to Scuderia Ferrari in 2022.

What are Carlos Sainz’s achievements in Formula 1?

Carlos Sainz has always turned heads in the F1 paddock. The Spaniard achieved his first-ever podium finish in F1 with McLaren back in 2019 during the Brazilian Grand Prix. Since then, he’s finished on the podium 14 more times. The Spaniard took his first pole position and won his first race at the 2022 British Grand Prix. This stands as his biggest achievement in the pinnacle of motorsport to date.