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Full Name Demetrious Johnson

Demetrious Johnson also known as the Mighty Mouse is one of the most intelligent and crafty fighters inside the octagon. Born on August 13, 1986, in Madisonville, Kentucky, Johnson began his professional career in 2007 and quickly rose to prominence. After his debut, Johnson went on an 8-fight win streak and earned himself a deal with WEC.


Demetrious Johnson made his WEC debut in 2010. After winning three fights in the WEC, UFC was merged with UFC and Johnson made his UFC debut in 2011.

He went on to become the UFC’s first and only flyweight champion, defending his title a record 11 times. Known for his exceptional speed, technique, and versatility, Johnson was a dominant force in the UFC’s flyweight division for many years. He holds notable wins over other top fighters in the division, such as Joseph Benavidez and Henry Cejudo.

After his transfer to the ONE championship, Mighty Mouse fought many unique fights with fighters lot heavier than him and under different rules. Johnson is the current Flyweight champion at ONE after his second fight against Adrian Moraes. In addition to his impressive fighting career, Johnson is also known for his respectful and humble demeanor both in and out of the octagon. He is considered among the greatest of all time by Joe Rogan and Dana White as well.