Profile Information

Full Name Lewis Hamilton
Nickname Billion Dollar Man
Age 39 years old
Nationality British
Current Team Mercedes
F1 Debut 2007

Lewis Hamilton is arguably one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time. The Brit has gone on to win 7 world championships till now in his illustrious Formula One career. Lewis competes under the British flag with Mercedes AMG F1. Being born on 7th January 1985 to Carmen Larbalestier and Anthony Hamilton, it was clear that the young Brit was destined for great things.

When did Lewis Hamilton join F1?

Lewis Hamilton was a part of McLaren’s junior driver program and went on to make his debut in F1 with the same team back in 2007. Having scored a podium in his first race, the Brit further went on to win his first race in the same season. Over the years he has 103 race victories under his belt which is the highest ever.

How many F1 world championships does Lewis Hamilton have?

Lewis Hamilton is a 7 time world champion being on par with Ferrari legend Michael Schumacher. The Brit won his first championship in 2008 in what was a very dramatic finish at the Brazilian GP. He later shifted to Mercedes and won the championship again in 6 times with the German automobile manufacturer.