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Full Name Logan Sargeant

Logan Sargeant is an American racing driver who is set to compete for Williams in Formula 1 for the 2023 season. He was born on December 31, 2000, in Fort Lauderdale, U.S.A. His uncle, Harry Sargeant III, is a billionaire who made his fortune in the energy and shipping business. A ‘show of faith’ towards Sargeant’s talent is the fact that Williams had announced their intention to promote him to their F1 team before he was even eligible to compete in the series.

When did Logan Sargeant join Formula 1?

Logan Sargeant has not yet made his Formula 1 debut but is set to do so in the upcoming season. If everything goes as expected, and he is not suddenly unavailable, he should compete in his first race at the Bahrain Grand Prix. One thing, apart from racing in F1, that he can look forward to in 2023 is that he’ll have three home races in the season – including one in Miami, just around 30 miles from the city of his birth.

What are Logan Sargeant’s achievements?

As mentioned before, Sargeant has not yet made his Formula 1 debut. But he had a pretty good junior racing career. Apart from his many titles in karting, Sargeant finished third in the F4 British Championship in 2017 and third in Formula 3 in 2020, just 4 points behind the champion, Oscar Piastri. He finished fourth in Formula 2, which was enough for him to secure the super license he needed to compete in F1.