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Rey Mysterio is also known by his real name, Oscar Gutierrez. He was born in California and has had a great career for more than three decades now. He has always been considered one of the best cruiserweights. That’s because of his high-flying moves, acrobatics, and signature mask.


Rey Mysterio idolized his father and uncle, as they were themselves wrestlers. He quickly gained a reputation for his high-flying moves and innovative maneuvers, and in 1991, he signed with Mexico’s Asistencia Asesora y Administración (AAA) promotion.


Professional Wrestling Career

WCW (1995-2002)

Rey Mysterio signed with World Championship Wrestling in 1995. Due to his persona, he quickly climbed the ranks and gained an audience. In WCW, he won three cruiserweight championships. He also managed to idolize many cruiserweights and help them own their characters.


Rey Mysterio signed with the WWE in 2002. Once again, he managed to attract his audience. He also achieved massive success by winning the WWE Cruiserweight Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship. He also formed a popular tag team with fellow wrestler Eddie Guerrero, who passed away in 2005.


After a brief stint with the independent wrestling scene and the Mexican promotion AAA, Rey Mysterio returned to the WWE in 2018. He continued to be a fan favorite, winning the United States Championship and feuding with top wrestlers such as Samoa Joe and Andrade.


Rey Mysterio’s influence will always be there for new cruiserweights. He managed to make lucha libre wrestling a new form of professional wrestling. Many new cruiserweights are stepping into the wrestling world, considering talent and skills over wrestlers’ size.