Why WrestleMania 40 was one of the best WWE PLEs ever?

Apr'08 2024

Why WrestleMania 40 was one of the best WWE PLEs ever?

Vansh Shah • 5 days AGO

Profile Information

Full Name Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley, real name Demi Bennett, is one of the most talented women in the wrestling industry. With a great attitude and wrestling style, ‘the Nightmare’ is considered a top-tier star in WWE. Ripley is an Australian Professional Wrestler and made her WWE NXT UK debut in 2017. 

Professional Wrestling Career

NXT UK (2017-2019)

Ripley had an interesting run in the brand. Debuting as a participant in the Mae Young Classic, she easily gained recognition. She then became the first-ever Australian female champion in WWE. This added to her becoming the inaugural NXT UK Women’s Champion. Very soon, she became one of the most popular stars in the industry before moving to NXT in 2019.

NXT (2019-2021)

After making an appearance on NXT, Rhea Ripley went straight to the NXT Women’s Champion(then), Shayna Baszler. Soon she defeated the ‘Queen of Spades’ to end her historic reign and bring herself to the top. After a great run, Royal Rumble 2020 winner, Charlotte Flair, challenged and defeated Ripley to win the gold.\

RAW & SMACKDOWN (2021-Present)

After a stint as the NXT Women’s Champion, Ripley moved forward and made it to the main roster. On her debut, she got an opportunity for the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 37. After a great beginning, things went all her way after that. On the main roster, Rhea Ripley has had a successful run. ‘The Nightmare’ has been a dangerous force and has dominated the whole roster.