Profile Information

Full Name Valkyrae

Rachell Hofstetter, better known by her online moniker Valkyrae is regarded as the Queen of YouTube. She has been given this title as she is a streamer for YouTube Gaming with some exceptional live streaming skills that have gained her millions of followers on the platform. She has won some prestigious awards such as the Streamy Awards and Game Awards.

When did she start streaming?

Valkyrae has been an avid gamer since childhood. Initially starting off her career in the gaming industry at GameStop, she decided to share her gaming hobby on different social media sites until she was persuaded by her friends to start streaming on Twitch on 2015. Establishing herself as a popular female streamer, she left Twitch to join YouTube on 2020.

Other ventures

Valkyrae is one of the founders and content creators for 100 Thieves, one of the most popular American eSports organization who fields rosters in notable games such as Valorant. Apart from this, she had started her own skincare line called RFLCT but it faced huge backlash on the internet.