Taiwan Premier Su Tseng-chang demands probe into speedskater Huang Yu-ting wearing China suit at Beijing Olympics

China and Taiwan have been at odds for decades as the former regards the island as its geo-political territory.

Huang Yu-ting
Huang Yu-ting

Taiwan’s Premier Su Tseng-Chang has asked for an investigation into a video of a Chinese Taipei speedskater Huang Yu-ting uploading one of her videos wearing a Chinese uniform at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Notably, Chinese Taipei is the name given at the Games to the country, which is more popularly known as Taiwan.

Huang, who finished 24th in the women’s 1000m final, 26th in the women’s 500m and 26th in the 1500m, was also the flag-bearer at the opening ceremony for her nation. The 33-year-old sparked controversy after posting a video of herself wearing the Chinese uniform while training on January 23 (Sunday) in her second Olympic Games.

Apart from Huang, three more Taiwanese athletes at the Winter Olympics responded to the backlash. In her defence, Yu-ting said the suit came from a Chinese athlete who she had befriended in Germany.

“You don’t have to cheer for me” 

Huang Yu-ting
Huang Yu-ting

For me, it was just the friendship. She gave it to me, the suit, and I just wore it when I was practising. I didn’t mean anything. I posted the video because I just want to tell everyone that I go to the Olympics. I am happy with that,” Huang said.

She later deleted the video, writing on Facebook: “Thank you to everyone who cheered me up,” The South China Morning Post translated.

She added: “I have removed the video due to too many unnecessary private messages!

“Sport is sport and in the world of sports, we do not differentiate nationalities. After the Games, we all are good friends.”

Let sports be sports. In the sports world, there is no nationality, as we are all good friends in private,” Huang signed off.

You don’t have to cheer for me, but please remember to cheer for the athletes who you want to support.”

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