“Talent Getting Wasted”, Toni Nadal Expresses Concern on Nick Kyrgios’s Potential

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Nick Kyrgios

For the last two decades, we have seen the domination of the big three in men’s professional tennis. Now, when they are approaching towards the end of their career, someone from the next-gen superstars needs to take the baton and start a new era in men’s tennis. One of the prominent names that comes out from the current crop of players is Nick Kyrgios.

The temperamental Aussie is known more for controversies than his play. However, it cannot be ignored that he has a lot of potential and can go the distance if he curbs his instincts.

Uncle and former coach of Rafael Nadal, Toni Nadal recently explained why he is not been able to break the jinx, even though he has the capability to win at the biggest stage.

Toni Nadal on Nick Kyrgios

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Toni Nadal, Nick Kyrgios

Toni Nadal [in a recent interview with Match Tennis], when asked of what he thinks about Nick, said, “Whatever the world speculates about him, he is a talented player. However, what concerns me is his carefree attitude towards the sport. You will often find that he is just not ready to try a little harder. Which is why he is deprived of grand success.”

”Moreover, sometimes he goes way over the board with his behavior, which definitely affects his tennis. Probably a little tweak in his attitude and he can be the next big thing. However, I think this guy isn’t changing anytime soon because that is what suits him. It’s really a shame that all the potential Nick has got, He hasn’t converted it to something defining.” Toni further added.

You can sense that Toni has no qualms about Kyrgios’s technique, he just believes that Nick’s mindset is just ruining a gifted talent.

Kyrgios and Controversies

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The Australian is not new to controversies. There are many such instances, where his name has been headlined for all the wrong reasons. Recently, Nick lashed out on Novak Djokovic for organizing the Adria Tour in Belgrade, Serbia during the ATP Tour’s shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The tournament came under heavy criticism for violating social distancing norms and the Aussie was also quick to express his displeasure.

He even went on to say Novak and Alexander Zverev ‘potatoes’ for partying at the nightclubs during the event. Many experts, like Toni, believe that Nick should start behaving properly for his own benefit. Otherwise, a potential grand slam champion will just remain an ordinary player. Lets hope we will get to see a new Nick Kyrgios in the upcoming tournaments because that is what is best for tennis.

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