“The beauty of tennis is the solo battle” Rafael Nadal’s coach Carlos Moya complete opposes ATP’s off-court coaching decision

With the ATP announcing a change in rule with regard to off-court coaching, Rafael Nadal's coach and former Pro Carlos Moya expresses his disapproval of it.

Carlos Moya
Carlos Moya

Carlos Moya, long-time coach of 22-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal recently addressed the new changes introduced by ATP regarding the off-court coaching. A policy not accepted earlier, the ATP announced that going ahead into the season post the conclusion of the 2022 Wimbledon Championships, coaches will be allowed to pass on instructions to the players in all events for the remainder of the season on a trial basis upon whose results, the final decision will be made.

The decision has not been accepted wholeheartedly by the tennis community as many have criticised the rule for taking away one of the most distinctive specialities of the sport while others have accepted that earlier with no uniformity in punishments as some players escaped punishment while others were fined, this new rule will bring uniformity in how the affairs are carried going ahead.

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“Maybe you’ll ask me this same question in a year and I’ll answer something else”: Carlos Moya

Rafael Nadal, Carlos Moya
Carlos Moya and Rafael Nadal

With the whole tennis world talking about the updated policies, Moya also gave his two cents regarding it and it was clear that the Spaniard was not at all in favour of it and it won’t be a surprise if Nadal does not get any instruction from his coach once the rule is implemented going ahead into the season.

“I am not very much in favour of coaching. What makes tennis a special sport is that it is the only sport where you are alone against another without help from anyone. In the rest of sports you do have that contact in some way, be it with the presence of your coach, through the radio, with the caddy, whatever. That solo battle that the tennis player has, placing the pieces of the puzzle at 180 beats and 20 seconds between points, choosing the correct tactic in each play, is part of the quality of each player.

“The coach’s job has to be done before the game, the player must have controlled all the variants because then things will happen that surely weren’t in the script. In that sense, I am totally against coaching. Perhaps it is the first step to later looking for a more important change. I would leave everything as it is, the beauty of tennis is the solo battle with your rival, which shows how intelligent you are and how good each one is.

“Maybe you’ll ask me this same question in a year and I’ll answer something else, maybe I’m wrong. But I doubt it, it doesn’t seem like a great idea to me, I still think that the purity of tennis is that one-on-one battle, with the intelligence of each player being a fundamental element,” said Moya speaking with Eurosport.

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